4 thoughts on “We Need a Black Pope

  1. The Bishop fails to mention why such a grand migration.
    It was greedy and Godless idiots like donald Rumsfeld , tony blair, cheney and wolfawitz that got bush to destroy iraq and afghanistan. Obama carried on in libya. This bullshit war based completely on lies has been dragging on for almost twenty years. Twenty years and nobody seems to care why.
    So today, the so called Christian countries that caused all the problems by bombing the shit out of the middle east act as if its they dont know whats going on. ?
    The people in western nations threw out the bible long ago , ( big smiles and support for bombing innocent countries over lies), .mass migration of displaced people is now the result.
    The christian west did this to themselves and its disgusting how they use their phony belief in God to act as if they’re the victim of some crime or conspiracy.

  2. Very interesting Faith! Yes, I would like to see more about how God loves nationalism right from the pages of Holy Scripture!

    Thank you and God bless you!

    In Christ,

    John Ward

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