4 thoughts on “The Evils of Neo-Boomerism

  1. Interesting video. I was born in 1946, so I’m a leading-edge boomer.

    Agreed – we certainly did screw up big time. We bought into the fraud of drugs, free love, and feminism. We were naive and wanted a free lunch. I would say, however, that previous generations were every bit as gullible. The generation before us was suckered into WWII. And a half-generation before that was suckered into WWI. Americans in those generations allowed the formation of the Federal Reserve, the first income tax, the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, and the founding of Israel. Those generations have much to answer for too.

    If only remorse could be sold, I’d buy the state of Hawaii and move there with all my friends and family…

    Fortunately it can’t be sold but perhaps it can be redeemed in humility, and that would be much more fitting.

    The invaders of North America and Western Europe, as they displace not only the boomers, but all of us, will discover that they are incapable of maintaining the civilization we have created (even such as it is today!). There will be starvation and gang warfare as civilization collapses. In our climate it will not be easy to survive. You have a technical background, and so you know about regression toward the mean. So even with the plummeting of average IQ, harsh winters will select for creativity and ability, just as they did in northern Europe after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. It will take centuries, but there is a Renaissance in our future – just think of it!


  2. Hello Faith,

    Possible Emergency on the rise. Trump had ICE ready to make mass arrests of illegals in America starting Monday. Counts were said to be in the millions.

    He just put it off for two weeks due to democrat pressure. This only gives the illegals two weeks to get to Canada. You know they will not run to Mexico.


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