The Absolute State of Canada’s Immigration Debate

I sit down with Dr. Ricardo Duchesne to discuss political censorship, academic mobbing and the Canadian federal election.

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  1. It isn’t about “immigration”. That’s the wrong subject, and Duchesne doesn’t want to deal with the right one. The right subject is constitutional self-government. Self-government is NOT shared government. In 1865, in the Debates on Confederation in the Old province of “Canada”, three options were on the table: 1) annexation to the USA; 2) federalize the old Province of Canada into Upper and Lower Canada; 3) implement a broad federation of all the British North American colonies.

    The third option was accepted. Confederation for the SELF-government of each of the Founding Peoples who were ethnic majorities in their locations, was enacted and established. The purpose of the THIRD option was “permanency in the working of the Union”, meaning entrenchment of the SELF-government of each of the Founding Peoples of Canada in a quasi-federal Union. A Founding People of Canada is an ethnic majority within its own provincial borders with its own provincial Legislature for its own SELF-government to preserve its own identity and culture. Therefore, the “local constitution” of EACH of the Provinces is fundamentally based upon the permanent existence in that province of the ethnic majority found there at Confederation, or upon some other access date. Moreover, the BNA Act of 1871 was passed “to remove doubts” by confirming that the federal government has no legal power to ALTER the local constitutions of the Provinces, once these Provinces are “established”. Mass immigration and a so-called “policy” of multiculturalism ALTER THE LOCAL CONSTITUTIONS OF THE PROVINCES, and thus Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s “policy” was, always has been and still is ILLEGAL as UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    IMMIGRATION inconsistent with Confederation is ILLEGAL, being CONTRARY to the “purposes” of Confederation. How do we know this? Here’s one way. And it’s very simple. It’s the very first line of the constitution, it’s Long Title. Hard to miss it, it’s right at the top. The Long Title of the British North America Act, 1867 is interpretive, it has legal value. It is enforceable. And it says:

    “AN ACT FOR the union of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, and the government thereof; and for PURPOSES con­nec­ted THEREWITH.”

    The Long Title is an important part of the Constitution. Along with the Preamble, it sets overall limits on both federal and provincial action. In addition, the Division of Powers between the federal and provincial levels carves out boundaries within which the respective governments must act.

    Continue that thought here:

    Meanwhile, let’s talk about sovereignty. There are different kinds of sovereignty. There is NATIONAL sovereignty. In Canada, national sovereignty is vested in two places, 1) the Sovereign (big surprise!) and 2) the Parliament of which the Sovereign is an inseparable part.

    Neither the Sovereign nor the Parliament has any LEGAL authority to dispose of, or to abdicate, Canada’s NATIONAL sovereignty. That is a legal fact in addition to the legal fact of the Long Title which makes Canada as founded in 1867 PERMANENT. The nation of 1867 is HER FOUNDING PEOPLES. The Founding Peoples cannot be REPLACED by abuse of the immigration power, this is genocide and high treason.

    Now, POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY. The political government of Canada and her Provinces is the property of the ELECTORATES. This means literally that ALL the legislative powers in the formal DIVISION OF POWERS in the British North America Act, 1867, belong to the ELECTORATE. These powers can only be exercised as the electorate sees fit, within the limits of the Long Title (discussed above) which makes the UNION OF 1867 PERMANENT.

    The exercise one way or another by the ELECTORATE of its SOVEREIGN political IMMIGRATION power to MAINTAIN Confederation as is our right, as called for in the Long Title, cannot be “criminalized” by i.e., adding “hate speech” laws to the Criminal Code of Canada. Yet, this was done by our corrupt, renegade federal government catering to the Canadian Jewish Congress and a “hate” committee chaired by anti-white racist, Maxwell Cohen with communist-globalist Pierre Elliott Trudeau at his side. In order to shut up the “Whites” while they replace us, they needed to CON US WITH “HATE SPEECH” LAWS. (They should use those in Israel to save the innocent Palestinians.)

    The idea that the exercise of a sovereign political power by the electorates, meaning the LEGAL electorates, the Founders of the country, can be criminalized, is utterly and outrageously ABSURD. But apparently, to date, very effective.

    Immigration is a sovereign political power of Canada’s FOUNDING PEOPLES. Immigration is NOT a power belonging to non-assimilating foreigners dumped here UNDEMOCRATICALLY and against our will. Therefore, when we look at “immigration” and complain about the mass immigration and the “multiculturalism” eroding OUR homeland, we are in fact NOTING that those we have been conned into electing, who temporarily have access to our powers on our behalf, are ABUSING the immigration power THAT BELONGS TO US to eradicate Confederation, which cannot legally be done, because Confederation is PERMANENT.

    Mr. Ducehsne things Confederation was “replaced” in 1982 by the federal “Charter of Rights”. Mr. Duchesne doesn’t know squat about constitutional law — or if he does, he isn’t admitting it. The 1982 “patriation” to which he refers, while alleging that the Charter “replaced” Confederation, was part of a PACKAGE of statutes INCLJUDING the BNA Act of 1867 renamed the Constitution Act, 1867.

    The UNION of 1867 still exists, it is simply being IGNORED by the globalists, and shills of theirs like the hapless-looking Duchesne, who is anything but hapless. We can see in the “Modernization” scheduled to the 1982 so-called “patriation” that the British North America Act, 1867 has been renamed the Constitution Act, 1867, and still is part of the “package”:

    The FEDERAL structure that ensures SELF-government and a Legislature to EACH of the Founding Peoples of Canada STILL IS THERE. Confederation has NOT been “replaced” by the Charter. Furthermore, the LONG TITLE still is there, so that the Charter cannot be employed in any way to destroy the Union of 1867. One part of the Constitution cannot be used to destroy another part, that would be ludicrous. So, as long as the 1982 package still sits there, the CHARTER cannot be interpreted to destroy the Union of 1867. Any use made of the Charter is contrary to the Union of 1867, and thus unconstitutional and illegal.

    However, here’s a little known fact. Pierre Elliott Trudeau palmed off his “patriation” as a “constitutional amendment”. An amendment can be lawful or unlawful. In this case, it was unlawful; it was not an “amendment” but a constitutional and parliamentary COUP D’ETAT.

    This COUP was admitted by one of the lead perpetrators who advised Pierre Trudeau, Barry Lee Strayer. In a pair of LAW lectures a few months after the so-called “patriation”, STRAYER admitted that the 1982 “patriation” had been a COUP D’ETAT. Read that article here, and you can download scans of the original, and a retyped searchable version, and important statements quoted from it, in the sidebar:

    The 1982 “patriation’s” being a COUP D’ETAT and not a “constitutional amendment”, it can be thrown out. What’s the value of throwing it out? First: self-respect. We, the Founding Peoples of our homeland are being cuckolded, shoved aside and replaced while denying us our constitutionally established SELF-government.


    In addition — and this would take a longer post — MULTICULTURALISM is not a “policy”, it’s a CONSTITUTION, it’s the world constitution being imposed in the West by force, meaning by threats and intimidation of the Western Peoples, notably a vicious campaign of anti-white racism, epithets, indoctrination, mind control, and the CRIMINALIZATION OF OUR SELF-GOVERNMENT.

    What is criminal is the STOOGES running our countries into the ground for the planned World Government. The Founding Peoples of Canada are POLITICALLY SOVEREIGN and entitled to oppose ABUSE of OUR LEGISLATIVE POWERS by traitors with intent to destroy us.

    Ricardo Duchesne’s platform for years now — since he suddenly emerged on the scene as a new replacement to continue the work of F. Paul Fromm and the Edmund Burke Society who were SOVIET MOLES — is clear from Ricardo’s bottom line:

    1) Quebec must “secede” because French-Canadians are Whiter than Britanno Whites who co-founded the country;

    2) all White people in Canada must ACCEPT MINORITY STATUS immediately … even though we are not yet a minority.

    Duchesne would therefore like to persuade us to officially ABDICATE and RELINQUISH our formal and still existing constitutional rights to ENFORCE Confederation, its permanency, and our SELF-government — instead of standing up for our rights and nation as is LEGAL, CONSTITUTION entitled us.

    Unless we merely “White” people accept minority status and officially agree to “share” our politics with foreigners from the four corners of the world, and unless Quebec “secedes”, world government over international city-states cannot be achieved. Because QUEBEC is the chosen tool of the globalists to dismantle Canada into multicultural international city-states in the North American Union. Quebec “secession” has long been associated with a simultaneous PUSH to dismantle all of Canada into city-states, not “nation” states.

    In April of 1980, a month before the first Quebec referendum to “secede”, a plan to dismantle ALL of Canada into “City provinces” (euphemism for city-state) was expressed in a Report released by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities:

    The FCM called for a new constitution for Canada consisting of “city-provinces” (euphemism for city-states) in the event the Quebec referendum scored a “Yes”. Not only were city-states tied to Quebec secession back then, but they are implicitly a part of the PARTI QUEBECOIS operation. In its 1972 manifesto, in French only, but now in English thanks to your truly, the PQ calls for “a radical “revalorization” of the municipal institution” (une “revalorisation” radicale de l’institution municipale). Euphemism for city-state, read it here:

    Today, nearly 40 years later, PQ insider, lawyer Guy Bertrand, is urging Quebec to secede to dismantle the province into a federation of “regions”, meaning city-states each with its own parliament. Download an English translation:

    Furthermore, the Quebec secession movement comes from POWER CORPORATION OF CANADA, on whose Montreal business premises in 1967 a secret committee of FEDERAL MPs from Quebec in the cabinet of SOVIET AGENT Lester Bowles Pearson, decided that a new party had to be created to run the referendum needed to break up Canada. Read my exclusive English translation of Marxist-Leninist Jean-François Lisée’s “The Secret Committee at Power”:

    THAT chapter of his book, IN THE EYE OF THE EAGLE, necessarily means that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, then operating under SOVIET AGENT Lester Bowles Pearson, colluded with a Multinational Corporation seeking world government, to SET UP A POLITICAL PARTY to be used to break up Canada to get world government done. Pearson was a Soviet Agent:

    Original research on the top-down communist penetration of Canada can be found here: See the sidebar (blue lightning) to download a free copy of the PQ’s 1972 manifesto.

    In my view, therefore, Ricardo Duchesne, a so-called “ex” SOVIET MARXIST who admits that he read the speeches of Leonid Brezhnev at the “big” communist meetings (those are the interntionals) sympathizes with “White” people and pats us on the head, is a globalist SHILL.

    He calls to my mind that dirty old man your mother always warned you about who will try to take your pants off to have his way with you: “WANNA PENNY, LITTLE GIRL?”

    Yes, Ricardo is a hard-working, supposedly “ex” COMMUNIST who would like the “White” peoples of Canada to formally give up OUR country, OUR heritage, OUR self-government, in exchange for MINORITY STATUS in a multicultural hell-hole, when Confederation is OUR PROPERTY, and the hell-hole can be stopped, the immigration can be stopped, and the whole thing REVERSED. LEGALLY.



    If Duchesne can’t con us poor Whities into accepting minority status and Quebec into “seceding” (for our own good), world government over international city-states cannot be done.

    Because QUEBEC is being used BY THE GLOBALISTS to dismantle Canada into international city-states in a communist region under a communist world government, as per the long-standing plan of the SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL, the Rothschilds, their pals the Rockefellers and others, but most notably the Royal Institute of International Affairs and all its Soros-loving subversive outlets in our homelands.

    The CONSTITUTION is enforceable, “whiteness” isn’t.


    Kathleen Pageot
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union

  2. Long time fan. Great to see your work again. Just finished reading Canada in Decay before seeing your interview with the author. Good read. Very educational. Keep up the fight Faith.

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