1. There is no need to be concerned with saying “Terrorist” or “Incel”. These shouldn’t be taboo subjects as they’ve become an integral part of society. There are plenty of men 18-30 that are frustrated with society and are resorting to violence, regardless if it is reported or not.

    I think the statistics showcasing 1/3rd of men being (in)celibate is rather extremely generous, and, I am almost certain that the variance is upwards to 50%.

    Yet, here we are, at what should now be conceived as 6th or 7th wave feminism. Looking at women is considered sexual harassment, walking past in a considerable amount of contexts is considered sexual harassment, and, in almost all cases, speaking to them is sexual harassment.

    But hey, let’s keep blaming social media for the mental illness rates being verified at 60+% (closer to 90%, undoubtedly intentionally unrecorded variances). Social media *is* the primary culprit for projection and enabling individuals to behave this way. But, what about showing some self-restraint from both genders? Abusive from both sides. Majority of men just end up losing out the most… Simply due to how hypergamy works.

    Thus, in conclusion, and, as usual, the government taking 1 step forward, 5 steps back… Why don’t we open assisted suicide programs? That is honestly what these postmodern liberals are asking for. Why would anyone want to participate in this *late stage* communist and oligarchical society that it has evolved into? What a shithole with a bunch of empty land that people can’t even use, because of government…

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