4 thoughts on “Man Charged $55K For Calling Other Man A Man

  1. Right now, I have no idea how to correct this situation, and, for the time being, have just been reviewing: https://openparliament.ca/ in order to better understand the types of dialogues that Parliament has in regards to this poor conduct and, perhaps, in the future learn the correct rhetoric for conflict resolution.

    An individual should not be charged at all for these sorts of things. This should be seen as an abuse of Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Especially with the explicit freedoms in Section 2.

    I honestly have to avoid the situation since I am not sure enough of how to correctly approach this situation. For me right now, I need to focus on financial security and making sure that I can eat food and not be in prison.

  2. This transgender GARBAGE has gone far enough. These types need mental help. Let’s start with the judges and politicians who have lost their minds.

  3. This man’s lawyer should have the complainant bring his birth certificate; then there won’t be anything more to dispute. If the judge still can’t decide what to do, have a physician on stand-by to take this person into a washroom and take down his undies. If something is sticking out, case closed!

  4. Enough of this transgender nonsense . A man is born a man for life and a woman is a women for life no matter what they wished they were, no matter what external changes they try to do to themselves. These people have a mental problem and perhaps a psychiatrist can help turn their heads around, starting with our sick politicians and judges that encourage this kind of garbage.

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