2 thoughts on “I’M BEING STALKED

  1. The $50 000 Faith Goldy was prevented from spending on MSM (Bell Media) advertising is in fact a illegal financial benefit to the mayor and in fact a conflict of interest given his ownership and control interest in Bell media. This is enough to both invalidate the Mayors Election and Bell medias broadcasting license with the CRTC because of election interference. The Judge should also be brought up on collusion and judicial corruption charges.

  2. This guy is a tool of the Left. He is part of a larger agenda. All of these “anti- hate” organizations & “resistance activists,” the Leftist hate mob “antifa” & the mainstream media; all weapons of the Left. This guy was given his marching orders to have Faith’s personal taxes audited in an attempt to silence her; to bring her down. The Left knows that Faith was a formidable force as Mayoral candidate with growing support & they want to make sure she’s discredited so she won’t be able to run for Mayor again. They will find anything, no matter how insignificant or small, use the mainstream media to spin it into a big deal; a terrible infraction so she won’t be able to run for Mayor again. These “Tribunals” are Kangaroo Courts so expect the audit to move forward with the outcome to discredit Faith. That’s what they do, financially ruin people who don’t have the resources to pay for lawyers, wear you down mentally & emotionally, strip you of your rights to silence you. All you can do Faith is to record all of this corruption, as you’ve been doing, & when the time is right, (it’s coming), these bums will be brought to justice. Patience is a virtue. I willl be watching this with great interest.

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