One thought on “EU Ban For Thoughtcrimes?!

  1. Dear Mrs. Goldy,
    I just watched your presentation to the Canadian committee overseeing the issue of your personal finances being attacked by your political opponent. YOU WERE MAGNIFICANT!!!!I’m a 62 year old white male Christian husband and father living in Birmingham Alabama and in all my years on this earth there are only a handful of public speakers that have equaled the performance that you demonstrated at that hearing! I have no doubt in my mind that your thoughts and words were being guided by the holy spirit of God that lives inside each and every born again, Jesus believing Christian.
    I just contacted Fox News and requested that they hire you as a contributing speaker. It’s not likely that they will agree to my request but I don’t care…I requested it anyway!!
    God bless you Faith Goldy… truly are one of the few great heros we have left!!

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