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  1. I appreciate your Pro Canada anti Leftist stance. I however am deeply saddened by your worship of the Roman Catholic Church. This organisation has been a perversion from day one. They mixed Christianity and Paganism and made this the Holy Roman Church. They have promoted many evils and genocides over the last 1700 years. If you would take a Bible and compare it to your church you would see a difference. And by the way many Catholics have been taught it is a sin to read the Bible. They even opposed the translation of the Bible into Common languages to keep the masses ignorant of the Truth. The RCC is also a major mover towards Globalism , because they want to be the church of it. They even supported Hitler and helped Nazis flee after WW2. This being said no person or organisation can save our society, Jesus
    Christ is the only Saviour there is. 1 Corinthians 15 vs 1-4 says that the Gospel is that Jesus Christ died for our sins according the scriptures, was buried, and rose on the third day. He made this sacrifice once and for all, he was not a victim. He went willing to the cross to pay for my sins and yours on that cruel cross. But God forbid that I glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world. Galatians 6 vs 14 KJV

  2. A while back, you asked for my support via subscription and I went on a drunken tirade that I’m certain sent up red flags. I apologize for that but assure you that I support you the actual limited percentage of support that is allowable by laws and physics. Much the same as I choose scientific discussion over dogma, biology over choice to deny basic truths. Anyway, I do that far too often but put considerable effort into attempting to convince those blinded by propaganda to see the the application of Marxist doctrine put in place by persons entrusted with the most sacred trust of the promotion of humanity. Truth told, I’m drunk again and am often but revealed to you my pseudonym on the blind faith that you might see my passion to expose abusers of public trust.
    At 59, I’m waning as to any positive conclusion to the state of world affairs. I have serious mental deficiencies that I attribute whole hardheartedly yet not fully to 15 years of Ontario Liberal abuse within the prime of my working life. I forfeited my mechanics license because of the “college of Trades” and refused to renew my red and white health card in protest.
    Frankly, I’ve always been crazy but, I’m no longer sure, It’s kept me from going insane.
    I just wanted to clarify that while I’m nuts, I’m as threatening as “Ted” in as much as I say often what preterbs me to whom ever breaks my heart or seems complicit in this global conspiracy to destroy the world.
    Anyway, I just wanted to clear my conscience and assure you that I have your back although I may be on the ground, gasping for breath from decades of smoking and drinking and ranting, but you’ll see my thumbs up from the trodden soil as you march on to inflict mortal influence upon Soros and Bezos as Trump and Diamond and Silk bring up the rear and JT scampers off in Napoleonic attire. Jim Jordan, Jason Chatetz and Trey Gowdy eloquently provide play by play as Adam Schiff, Maxine, the gang of four, so many, so many cry racism and Nancy’s head bobbles near too injury.
    I’m not making my case very well other than to state that I’m fed the fkd up sht and it needs to change. I believe in you and just wanted to say that there must be hope for people and patriots such as yourselves have to be heard and free Tommy Robinson and Julian Assange and now Sheila Gunn-Reid is under threat?
    Too much stuff, the human brain isn’t equipped, global warming, now 5G? Wholly SHIT!

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