A Post-National Election

Here’s my latest on Canada’s Post-National Election 🥴

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4 thoughts on “A Post-National Election

  1. I have to tell you Goldy that you look just fine without going for chisel look, your already beautiful since I’ve known of you many years ago, and this is from a guy that didn’t even like skinny girls, but you are a special exception.

    I would feel disgusted in myself for not letting you know you are already cute and beautiful with no reason to speed up the aging process by riding your baby fat (as you called it)
    When folks get old they pay to replace that same, as you called it, “baby fat”.
    Why rush your aging process, then chase youth rewinding the clock by age 50 or whatever age, appreciate your exotic, unique style, color, texture like champagne/ wine (minus the toxic alcohol and bottling process). Your blessed with a rarity so lets maintain with healthy food, maybe vitamins, supplements etc…

    I know we cant always control our environment especially with idiots in this City of Toronto,
    However, we can at least attempt to mitigate damages. Prevention is the best protection

    Many fools don’t appreciate your insight, but they shall find out after its too late if they don’t take heed and continue to run recklessly in denial promoting and normalising lies. In Toronto they dont know what you know or dont care as benifisheraries of this country being destroyed for financial gain with incentives to cause destruction of anything healthful, Truthful or… Christian. Liars and lovers of lies appears to be the emerging proposals from the modern day Niros who want to scapegoat those who truly care for legit goodness across the land. While Luciferians truly hate anything of Nobel cause.
    I understand and appreciate you more than any Canadian politrickcian from Rob & Doug Fraud to Justin “LIE”douh, Sheer the fake puppet and Beaver tooth face green party foolishness and we know Sing would Canashatan up the place, so” fegedaout dat one” LOL
    I gladly voted for you and had never voted for almost, if not 2 decades prior. For good, and now obvious reasons

    Oh, actually my favorites are You, Ms. Rempel, Donald Trump

    I hope to see you in person again one dat Goldy, its a rarity to have someone as heartful, insightful as you in a city like this.


  2. archdioces of toronto is hosting a “catholic” debate Oct 3–now live streaming available–check website ofarchtor day of for link
    why not stream it on your channel? they want to hear drom any diocese/parish holding a streaming session–i have the doc, instructions etc pluss instructions for individualwanting to stream–send me an address i can forward letter from archdiocese re this including pdf
    God bless us All
    ps talking to MaiLei (mary)Chinese depenaeur owner all excitedwatching 70 anniv chairmanmao etc–almost 70 since PiueXiI announcec dogma of Asumption –hm 70yrs?

  3. archdioces of toronto is hosting a “catholic” debate Oct 3–now live streaming available–check website ofarchtor day of for link

  4. Vox Day is confident that he has a proof that the Trinity is false in his blog post

    Did Owen Benjamin tell you he also doesnt believe in the Trinity or did he give you an evasive answer like being on a “journey”? He’s scared of admitting it because he doesnt want the backlash and Christian support he’s getting knowing that it’s his last point of “respectability”. If you asked him to give you a straight answer, yes or no, do you believe that Jesus is God what will he say to you? He calls God “Father” only and does not include the other two members of the Godhead. Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism considers the Trinity to be a core belief, anyone who denies it is to be excommunicated. Does Satan believe in the Trinity? Do you think Alex Jones believes in the Trinity and whether he minds Vox’s denial of it.

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