The Politics of China’s Coronavirus

There’s no shortage of commentary on the coronavirus, including from yours truly; however, my interest in less in the medical side of this story (I think it’s too early to tell if it’s ‘serious’ and even hundreds [thousands?] of deaths in China’s population of 1.4B could be considered insignificant in the bigger picture) — my interest is the political side of the coronavirus.

1) How did the virus come to be? Of course, there could be a strictly biological answer for this question. But there could be a very grave political dimension, too. 

Is it not valid to ask if a virus, which originated in Wuhan, a metropolis home to China’s first level 4 lab, was a byproduct of biological warfare research — a practise which is supposed to be under worldwide ban? I wouldn’t doubt if the Chinese (not to mention other P5 nations) are up to just that, but one thing’s for certain: We’re never going to get answers from the Chinese on the topic. So it’s up to we westerners to ask the embarrassing questions. 

Moreover, did foreign espionage waged by high ranking scientists — or participation by a (naïve) willing state — have anything to do with China’s possession of the pathogen? Recall Canada’s only level 4 lab recently saw a Chinese scientist and his wife booted from the premises following a RCMP investigation which determined a “policy breach” was at play. Further still, biological and chemical warfare experts have long accused Canada of sending lethal viruses to Trudeau’s buddies in… You guessed it: China.

2) How are non-Chinese governments reacting? The answer to this has been strictly political. 

As a Canadian, it’s been fascinating to watch media and so-called authorities, warn us away from ‘racism‘ associated with calls for inbound flight bans, etc. It’s also been curious how our (Asian) Chief Public Health Officer Dr Tam has praised China’s response to the outbreak while simultaneously instructing those on board alongside Toronto’s patient zero (who had symptoms in flight) to go about their daily lives and skip quarantine. Which one is it? Are the Chinese right in quarantining their people so to protect them, or are the Chinese wrong as there is no need to quarantine? Or, is it something more sinister: Is protecting one’s nationals admirable for foreign governments, but ‘racist’ at home?

I’m no doctor, but I do eat, sleep, and breathe politics. Very much plan to stay in my lane on this one because, heck, there’s quite a bit to take in along the ride.  

~ Faith

18 thoughts on “The Politics of China’s Coronavirus

  1. The covid 19 virus is only fatal to 5% of the population and only people over 70 years old are at risk.. Of that age related risk population.. depending on where you live.. and what medical treatments you have available.. 75% to 90% fully recover. The common flu that happens yearly claims 1 million lives each year… So why are we freaking out about this?

  2. Thank you Faith, We Christians are praying, we have been warrened for 40 years. in Medjugore .Blessed Mother Mary has stopped messages. All 6 visionares only get one visit a year. All 6 have the 10 secerts. We have been warred. This is only the first pangs of birth. Come quickly Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  3. I miss hearing you and seeing you Faith Goldy

    I wish you were our Mayor

    Truth and Christians are under attack or blocked as Satan doesn’t want Truth to Set Them Free

    I dont care if fools don’t like me liking you, they are dumb sucker Canadians as usual

    We already knew how this Woo Haah Virus should have been dealt with.

    Idiots needed Justin Trudy to tell them what to do. I’m so sick of the mismanagement & misallocation of our taxes in this country funding immorality, destruction & promoting Luciferian Agendas such as harassing you to name one.

    Did you get a lawyer this month?

    Goldy Lover


  4. Trudeau and his wife are now I quarantine. Why is that? To soften the blow when they force quarantine the rest of us? See it’s ok, Trudeau is doing it too. Meanwhile all our rights and economy are stripped away. This seems like the big move to usher in many evil things like electronic currency, removal of cash, chipping people, social credit, no more jobs or choice in what we are allowed to purchase, no more public gatherings, etc,. The virus is less dangerous than those things that will result from it. I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Pozdrav Vjera,

    Let’s see WUHAN & HUBEI Province lay astride or near 6-lane super highways – G4, G40 & G70 and several 4-track high-speed [+150Km.] rail lines that all begin in Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai and are supposed to terminate one day in Rotterdam!

    Great Silk Road II anyone? Or, more modernly “ONE Belt – ONE Road”.

    Once completed [Truck/rail goods from Shang to Rott in +/-12 days.] the three ocean ‘free-trade war’ navies of Chinese – Danish – Dutch – French – Japanese – Korean & Swiss +1000 container dreadnoughts will be fish-reef recycled scrap.

    Me thinx the banksters & owners of said floating rust-buckets would stop at little to delay and even derail the Great Silk Road II.

    I also read with no surprise of your latest infraction of the “demonic-marxist-feminist dress/speech codes”.

    BUT, if you hadn’t so deftly thrown Gospa under the bus to try to score vapid points with a Texas MilGen Cronkite wanna-be, She could be just as deftly solving this kerfuffle for you. Thankfully Gospa, like Her Son is ever forgiving & loving and always longing to welcome you back into Her embrace.

    You & Handsome Groom be my guests for as long as Gospa wishes you to be Hers:

    Carry-on til you are carrion.

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  7. Have you noticed…. no more evening news on the movement to free young chinese youth, to bring democracy to China. No more protesting. No more covered faces. Three hospitals built in 3 weeks…. with bars on doors…. HMMMMM! A New Gulag possibly?

  8. Faith Goldy,

    You see Faith, Asians in general like the Chinese people, for example, consume anything that crawls on the earth including what lives in our waters. For some, they think by eating certain animals or animal parts will bring them superpowers. On the other hand, it would also involve a fashion or risk of dying statement to consume exotic animals from around the world. A lot of these animals are riddled with diseases and consuming them pose a high risk to transmute into humans. God warned us about consuming certain animals. These people pay big money to poachers around the world for these exotic animals and in turn, causing a ripple effect in the extinction of these animals due to the Asians impulsive eating disorders. I would not be surprised if maybe in the future or even now that human parts are part of their menu. They have no care for wildlife in general, but only to consume them. I think that most diseases come from their countries and overpopulation increases the risk substantially.
    A few examples of what animals Asians consume from around the world.

    1. Poaching bears, rhinos, elephants, sharks just for specific parts of their anatomy etc…
    2. They consume dogs, cats, monkeys, rats, spiders and poisonous reptiles and fish etc…

    Therefore, God the Father knows the risks involved and gave humanity instructions on what animals not to consume in the Holy Scriptures. We don’t listen to God’s instructions, we perish!

    Thou shalt not eat any abominable thing says the Lord.
    Le 11:2-45
    De 14:3-21


  9. I have suspicions this Corona virus (SARS) clone is part o the Chinese government experiment in social engineering.

  10. The source of the corona virus in Wuhan, China may simply be bad hygiene practices–namely wet markets. I suppose wet markets have been around in China for centuries and have become part of their culture. Perhaps it is time to stop having wet markets where a variety of wild creatures co-exist with food products. (Chinese scientists have traced the DNA of the SARS virus to bats.) Of course this move would infuriate the politically correct folks (majority of them in the West). Let’s give the Chinese some credit. They were willing to dump the cultural practice of foot-binding their women folk a century ago. Why wouldn’t they dump the practice of wet markets for health sake?
    In the event anyone accuses me of white supremacy for liking you and your writing, full disclosure: I am of the Chinese race and a proud Canadian.

  11. It’s a bio-hazard created in the lab, in an attempt to create mass hysteria, in order to push more dangerous vaccines onto the population, in purpose for population control. It’s a double or triple game. That is one valid scenario.

    Could have financial impact as well, in order to suppress the stock market. I’ve not seen any mayor changes yet tho, so that variation is still not confirmed.

    Or it’s just a normal plague with flu like symptoms that is slightly more dangerous and spread very fast.

    Either way, its nothing to worry about for normal, healthy people.

    Much like all real news, they are trying to cens0r it as much as possible. Because of fragile business relationships with China and to push more control on the masses. Their attempts will fail either way, because the people have awaken and are fighting back.

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  13. One theory that I’ve concocted, (well among many), is that China created and released this virus from the Level 4 Lab in WuHan for one purpose – to quickly end the riots in Hong Kong. It has been immediately successful in this regard. The bomb-throwing, senior-burning, property smashing thugs who claim they were willing to die for democracy, have suddenly slithered back under their rocks – usually in their parents apartments, when the prospect of really dying reared it’s head.

    So far as China is concerned, a bit of collaterol damage around the world is a small price to pay to save face.

    Hey – it’s as plausible a theory as anything else. And much more plausible than my theory of Kobe being killed by greedy sneaker investors

  14. Did the Husband-Wife team return to Wuhan? Are they still there, did they get sick? Is there satellite observations on going of the Chinese Lab(s)? China appears in a panic to build many more hospitals. Refused USA help from CDC does not lend a lot of credibility to “Nothing to see here, move along”

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