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Canadian Courts Are Corrupt: My Big Bell Bill

I’ve been given 30 days to come up with $43,117.90 to pay for Bell’s legal fees. This, after the multi-billion dollar company illegally banned my ads and the Canadian “justice” system threw out my case, despite the judge’s admission that he had jurisdiction to hear my case. 

The establishment is trying to make an example of me, to intimidate other Nationalists and Patriots away from activism, away from participation in our democratic institutions and away from legal recourse when they’ve been wronged. 

But here’s the thing: I won’t be intimidated. I will continue to organize rallies, make videos, and participate in the public space. But today, I need your help.

UPDATE: GoFundMe banned my campaign after we raised $3000 in 3 hours and I won’t see a penny of that money!

CLICK HERE to watch my LiveStream on the fiasco!

So, we’re doing it the old fashioned way. 

Here’s how you can help…

<<< ClickDONATE‘ below for options via credit card, e-trasfer, Bitcoin, or snail mail >>>

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