The Great (Not So) White North: Canadian Conservatives Elect Big Immigration

Immigrants should be barred from holding political office. I think so, at least. Yet the race to elect Canada’s next Conservative Party Leader was so lacklustre in eligible candidates, I found myself almost rooting for a single mother who hails from Jamaica. 

Card carrying Canadian Conservatives instead elected Erin O’Toole — a homegrown white guy (who spells his name like a girl) with a CV that boasts a law degree, service in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and work in both the private and public sectors. Sounds ideal, eh? Don’t hold your breath. 

Canada’s Conservative Party just elected Stephen Harper 2.0. Translation: Even if O’Toole beats Justin Trudeau, it won’t be a win for actual conservatives — nationalists or immigration patriots — and there’s a lesson in all this for President Trump. 

First thing’s first: Who is Erin O’Toole? 

Simply put, he’s a perennial loser with liberal tendencies masquerading as a “True Blue” conservative. That’s not hyperbole. The newly minted Leader is the Party’s third choice at best. This wasn’t O’Toole’s first bid for leadership, you see. Last time he came in third to Andrew Scheer, who lost to Trudeau in 2019. O’Toole also trailed runner-up Maxime Bernier, a man who came to despise CPC cuckoldry so much he started his own party, the People’s Party of Canada, only to lose his seat in the general election. In other words, O’Toole lost to two losers. 

During the 2020 leadership race, again She-Name O’Toole wasn’t the Party’s clear first choice. Our Jamaican friend Leslyn Lewis actually garnered the lion’s share of the popular vote in the first round, but was eclipsed by O’Toole in points who eventually won on the third ballot thanks to a ranked ballot point system. 


O’Toole essentially won because the social conservative wing of the CPC foolishly included him in their rank of candidates. The so-con political elite who endorsed O’Toole — folks like Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and MP Garnett Genius — are in large part to blame for leading the so-con flock astray. They did so despite O’Toole’s progressive voting record on issues like the invention of radical LMNOP “gender rights” and his refusal to protect the unborn (who can lawfully be aborted during all nine months of gestation in Canada!). 

So-cons were hoodwinked. And it was all by design. O’Toole’s campaign manager was Muslim lawyer Walied ‘sues everyone who criticizes him’ Soliman. Before this gig, Soliman ran Patrick Brown’s campaign for Ontario PC Leader. So it would appear Soliman’s got a winning strategy when it comes to Conservative Party politics: Dupe the electorate into believing your candidate is the “True Blue” choice, get all the desperate so-cons to vote for said candidate, and do the ol’ bait and switch once he’s in office. (You’ll recall Brown flip flopped on both Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum and the carbon tax, essentially the two files for which he was elected.)

In other words, the “True Blue” wing of the party just elected a guy who isn’t really conservative at all — not on social issues, and not on immigration.


O’Toole wasted no time, using his acceptance speech as a nod to the demographic replacement of Old Stock Canadians (the Conservative Party’s traditional base): 

“I believe that, whether you are black, white, brown or from any race or creed. Whether you are LGBT or straight. Whether you are an Indigenous Canadian or have joined the Canadian family 5 weeks ago or 5 generations ago[…] Whether you worship on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, or not at all. You are an important part of Canada and you have a home in the Conservative Party of Canada.”

Welcome to End Stage Multi-Culti, Conservatives! Despite what he says in his low energy Twitter videos, O’Toole’s no Canada Firster and he won’t *conserve* a damn thing in the country. He’s an avowed multiculturalist who, just like Harper, will ensure the exponential demographic decline of Canada if ever he should be elected Prime Minister. But don’t take my word for it, O’Toole says so himself!


O’Toole’s campaign website promises an increase in “skills based” immigration: 

“We need to focus on attracting those with the skills our country needs […] To ensure that Canada remains a land of growth and opportunity, we need an immigration system that admits those who want to come here to build a better life for their families.” 

What about Canadian families, Mr. O’Toole? Why should we import a single soul when half our provinces face double digit unemployment? Meanwhile the other half are are just decimal points away from the same fate. 

Canada: Unemployment Figures by Province  

  • Nfld. & Labrador 15.6%
  • P.E.I. 11.7%
  • Nova Scotia 10.8%
  • New Brunswick 9.8%
  • Québec 9.5%
  • Ontario 11.3%
  • Manitoba 8.2%
  • Saskatchewan 8.8%
  • Alberta 12.8%
  • British Columbia 11.1%

Are these super skilled newcomers going to help alleviate our $962 billion in debt? Or will they, in a nation that offers gold plated socialized healthcare and welfare programs, plunge Canada into further fiscal ruin? 

Lucky for us, my questions aren’t rhetorical. O’Toole answers them in his platform. O’Toole doesn’t just want to add to Canada’s “skills based” Immigrant Master Race, he also wants to import *specifically* those who will be most financially burdensome to Canadians.


“If unemployment remains high, an O’Toole government will shift the immigration stream from Skilled Workers to a higher proportion of Family Reunification applicants particularly if the applicants can help with childcare or family supports in Canada.”

So, thanks to the Chinese Virus, Canada’s going to shift from importing high IQ Indian doctors to the Nigerian nanny? What an improvement! Let’s hope she doesn’t need a hip replacement. 

To be sure, a shift from the importation of an immigrant over-class towards the flow of low social capital Family Reunification cases hardly counts as reform. It’s just open borders by another name. 


And the “True Blue” conservatism doesn’t stop there. Sure, O’Toole says he’ll close the Safe Third Country loophole which allows anyone to walk across unofficial ports of entry along the US-Canada border and declare themselves a refugee, but his plan is to replace fake refugees (illegal border jumpers) with “real” refugees (UN approved Mohammedans?). 

O’Toole says he will, “Make a significantly higher percentage of the refugees Canada admits be privately sponsored as opposed to government-assisted, using the money saved in government sponsorship to support the efforts of sponsorship organizations with good track records. Government sponsorship will focus on at-risk populations fleeing persecution and harm due to their affiliation with a religious, cultural or LGBT minority.”

The revolving backdoor into Canada might close but we’re revving up the elevators, escalators, and moving sidewalks to ensure they get through the front! But don’t fret, the government is going to save you money on publicly funded refugees… Only to spend that cash on “privately funded” refugees… (Doesn’t that, by definition, make them publicly funded?) But hey, at least a bunch of these new, totally real “refugees” will be gay! How conservative. 


Finally, O’Toole promises to give “more authority to provinces to develop their own [immigration] programs” which is great in theory, but he’s only doing so provided said provincial programs “address skills shortages and attract immigrants to areas of the country with static or declining populations.”

This is Canada, so naturally a pro-natal policy to address declining populations is off the table, even for a “conservative”. In these parts, replacement migration is preferred to Made in Canada kids. Related question: Will O’Toole respect provincial programs that seek to *limit* immigration, as opposed to raise it? And I’m not just talking about federal kiddie gloves reserved for Quebec alone. 

In addition to the subversive so-called immigration reforms listed above, O’Toole won’t commit to a concrete intake number of legal immigrants per annum (!!!), he opposes a Kellie Leitch styled ‘Values Test’ and says Trump’s travel ban was wrong, claiming it provides a “false sense of security”.

In short: Erin O’Toole has an open borders vision for every facet of the immigration file. He wants more skilled immigrants, more family reunification cases, more refugees, and he expects all provinces to play ball. And the timing for such a tone deaf leader couldn’t be worse.


Canada needs a strong leader on immigration, now more than ever. Just consider the facts in the Great Not So White North:

  • Canada is experiencing the fastest rate of ethnic change in the West, higher than the UK, US, Germany, and even refugees-welcome jurisdictions like Sweden
  • 4/5 immigrants are a visible minority
  • Canada leads the world in refugee intake, numbers which have continued to increase amid the COVID crisis 
  • Fertility rate: 1.5
  • By 2034: Immigration will account for 100% of population growth 
  • By 2036: Canada will be majority minority 
  • Canada’s White population by 2100: 12-20% 

Thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, immigration in Canada is at an all time high, an intake of roughly *1 million legals alone* per year — into a population of just 37 million. 

Yes, my math checks out: 

  • 350,000 Permanent residents + Refugees
  • 78,788 Temporary Foreign Workers  
  • 224,033 International Mobility 
  • 317,328 Student Visas 
  • = 970,149 total 

This, at a time when the average Canadian family is spending 43% of its annual income on taxes (compared to 36% on basic necessities). Clearly all this legal immigration isn’t enriching our economy or our tax base. 

And it’s not enriching our culture either. Our statues are being toppled and beheaded. Critical race theory and climate hysteria are our state religions. Our metropolises like Toronto have seen a 200% increase in violent crime. Faraway inter-ethnic conflicts are playing out in regular weekend demonstrations on our streets. Our taxes are going up. Unemployment has skyrocketed. Real estate is unaffordable. Opioid deaths are on the rise. Our legal firearms are being confiscated. Our politicians only care about ethnic vote seeking. Immigrant-rich cities determine entire federal election outcomes. Our Old Stock is being demographically replaced without an electoral mandate. And anyone who speaks out about any of this is gaslit and unpersoned.

Erin O’Toole’s answer for all this? To continue to shill for more immigration and say “I think there is racism in Canada” to media questions about whether systemic racism exists in the country. I’m not sure if O’Toole’s approach to race relations and immigration is born of weakness or ignorance, but either way — it’s not what Canadians want in a leader. 


Conservatives in 2020 are operating by a 2010 playbook. They don’t realize Canada is not the polite and forgiving country we once were. We’ve taken in too many people from too many places too quickly, and our Founding Stock has had enough. Canadians don’t want more immigration. They want less. In fact, the majority of Canadians — of all political stripes — want a moratorium. 


Recent polling numbers out of Leger show a majority of Canadians believe the federal government should limit the number of immigrants we accept:

  • 63% of Canadians say the government should limit immigration levels because the country is unable to integrate them
  • 81% of Conservative respondents want less immigration 
  • 57% of Greens chose this option
  • 41% of Liberals
  • 44% of NDP supporters were in favour of limiting immigration 

Another Leger poll in 2019 had almost half of respondents saying they believe Canada welcomes too many immigrants and refugees. And an EKOS poll released that same year suggests 42 per cent of Canadians believe the country accepts too many non-white newcomers. And who can blame them when four out of five of our newcomers aren’t white? 


These polls aren’t anomalies. They underscore a hardening of public opinion against immigration in Canada. According to a new poll, 76% of Canadians want a total moratorium on immigration until the economy improves and the supposed threat of coronavirus passes. The scientific survey shows a majority of Canadians across all demographics support an immigration pause. This holds true across all regions, ages, gender, education, income levels and political party preference. Seriously. 

  • 76% of Canadians want a total moratorium on immigration
  • 89% of Canadians who voted Conservative in the last election support the pause
  • 87% of Bloc voters want a moratorium

And, wait for it…

  • 67% of Canadians who cast their vote for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party support the idea of shutting down immigration into Canada

Why isn’t the Leader of the Conservative Party proposing an immigration moratorium when 90 percent of his constituents — and nearly 70 percent of his rival’s base — endorse the policy? Because O’Toole lacks the testicular fortitude to do so, that’s why. He’s afraid of The Media so he’s ignoring The People, ensuring the Conservative Party of Canada remains a vehicle for Big Immigration. 

It’s the same political illness Stephen Harper suffered from. It’s why Harper welcomed the highest number of legal immigrants in 50 years — amid a global economic recession, no less. Harper spent nearly a decade in power and what was left to remember him by after just 24 months of Trudeau? Nothing. That’s because Harper failed to institutionalize the movement. All Canadians were left with at the end was a country full of immigrants who went on to vote for Trudeau the moment the Red Team promised more free stuff than the Blue Team. 

And there’s a lesson in all this for President Trump: No guts, no glory. You can sign all the Executive Orders you want but if Biden vows to simply undo all the progress made on immigration with EO’s of his own, as he has, then four (or eight) years will be done away with the stroke of a pen. It’s a much harder task to, say, tear down a Wall. If Trump doesn’t institutionalize the movement he’s created, all it’s energy and successes will be evaporated the second he leaves the Oval Office. 

But back to Canada. To be fair, O’Toole doesn’t even have a movement to institutionalize at this juncture. But that doesn’t mean he can’t drop the “Accelerated Family Reunification” shtick and hop on the moratorium bandwagon, where he’ll find three quarters of the Canadian populace. 

If O’Toole doesn’t wake up to the demographic reality facing the country he wishes to lead, the CPC’s choice for Leader will be the kiss of death for immigration patriotism and the White majority in Canada — regardless of whether he becomes Prime Minster or remains in opposition. Translation: If O’Toole wins the election, we get more immigration. And if he loses, we get more immigration. 

From immigration to social issues and foreign policy to the climate, there are no major policy differences between the CPC and the Liberals to date. Erin O’Toole isn’t a “True Blue” Conservative, he has no interest in putting Canada First. Erin O’Toole is only interested in one thing: Winning. And he’s repackaging the failed, dangerous, and anti-Canadian policies of Trudeau’s Liberal Party to do so. But for the love of all things Canadian, I pray the Conservative Party’s new Leader wakes up and smells the maple syrup: True North is nearly lost and once it is, we can never get it back. A moratorium is our only hope. 

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