Virus Peaks at 40 Days, Plays out at 70 Days — No Matter What You Do!

Top Israeli mathematician and prof Isaac Ben-Israel claims simple stats and worldwide analysis shows “there’s a set pattern” and “the numbers speak for themselves” — virus behaves similarly regardless of shutdown:

  • New cases peak after about 40 days
  • Virus declines to almost zero after 70 days
  • Supports social distancing
  • Slams widespread shuttering of economies worldwide

On Israeli TV, the professor noted: 140 people normally die every day in the country. To have shuttered much of the economy because of a virus that is killing one or two a day is a radical error that is unnecessarily costing Israel 20% of its GDP.

The economic shutdown isn’t universal and it isn’t to ‘flatten the curve’. The purpose is to:

  • Kill small business (remember the Wal-Marts of the world remain open while mom and pop can kiss their life’s work goodbye)
  • Equalize our income
  • Prime us for what’s next: OBEY!
    • (Don’t forget, the forces of evil already had useful idiots willing to behave as social tyrants, policing our language — now they police our obedience surrounding masks, gloves, keeping kids indoors, and shuttering our small businesses)

Our civilization is being melted down in a matter of weeks and the post-coronavirus world order will be an Anarcho-Tyrannical Communist wet-dream.

FYI: Here are some of the graphs the prof uses to prove his point that a universal trend is afoot.

3 thoughts on “Virus Peaks at 40 Days, Plays out at 70 Days — No Matter What You Do!

  1. Sick people go to work everyday feeling a bit under the weather. Nobody healthy should be locked up under quarantine regardless of transmission of the Covid Virus. Everybody knows an agenda. Control Control Control. We’ve all seen this coming for many years pretending it’s not gonna happen in my Canada. We are all awake pretending to be asleep because we are complacent and passive. Now we must stand up to tyranny. People need to toughen up right now.

  2. I made a mistake. This comment is a 2nd; after a comment from a moment ago. I was under an impression that my comment would be ‘private’ and not available for anyone visiting your site to read, (besides you, Faith).
    I do not mind if you edit parts of it; (i.e. edit out large parts of it). Most of the beginning was identifying myself (if the way it was done could count as such), I do not wish to identify myself publicly. I hope, by sending this as well, I am not making my plead for anonymity worse.

  3. If this goes through, apology for failing to provide an accurate name and email for you. I am private and reclusive; however I am also silenced. I have visited your site off and on for nearly a year. Just looked quickly at what you put-out for April 16. Thanks! I find it hard to say “this stuff about virus” because that – to me – is not at all what this current ‘thing’ is about. I cannot believe everyday people are taking it so seriously to social distance and all the rest. And everyone – to me – is falling right in line with whatever ‘surreal’ government thing is starting to go down.
    I was no ‘A’ student, but I studied post-secondary microbiology and viruses. I always wash my hands etc upon entering home…… and I always dislike shaking hands and hugs from acquaintances & strangers. Proper hygiene and nutritious diet and vitamins – yes. Mass hysteria – (I equate obedience to hysteria here) and cessation of civil liberty ? (For a nonsense.)
    People need to speak out about this. (So, thank you; because I cannot, the way I want to .) From the moment I heard about this I can’t believe how governments can do this, under these premises. (So stupid.) I am astonished, everyday, that people are mostly going right along with it. The rationale is so stupid, I never would believe that people would accept this (- seeing it everyday is believing).
    I am going on too much. I am glad when I see someone (eg your April 16 stuff) lean toward expressing that -> ‘these measures (and the rationale for them) are utterly absurd’.
    Viruses can kill; yes. With proper hygiene – sleep, lifestyle, nutrition etc + showering and handwashing – (which is also important in the absence of a bad virus) – I truly think there is nothing to fear – except the current baloney that someone’s contagious spittle landing on myself or the ground near us, will make us vectors of transmission to our grandparents, children or someone elses’…..

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