Globalism vs. Nationalism: The Post Coronavirus World Order


Coronavirus is a story all about borders. At the root of this pandemic is a tale about the evils of open borders, diversity, globalism, immigration, and the fragility of economic interconnectivity. 

To be sure: Immigration patriots have been vindicated at every turn of this crisis:

Joe Sixpack is getting red-pilled about the fact Team Nationalist was right all along while in his sequestered state, but do more ‘woke’ citizens mean a ‘w’ for Team Nationalism or are we simply being corralled into the next phase of globalism, despite rising consciousness about that system’s flaws?

Many dissidents on the right are optimistic; however, I share John Derbyshire’s doubts

Even under pressure of the current crisis and the realization that open borders and free markets have failed us, “[The American] government is still cheerfully bringing in tens of thousands of guest workers from abroad, even as the numbers of unemployed Americans rises through the stratosphere.”

When pressed about the move, President Trump during a press conference literally said that without foreign guest workers coming in to do agricultural work, “We’re not going to have farms.”  Someone should remind the President that H-2A foreign visa workers make up only about 10% of the US crop farm workforce.  And with exponential American joblessness, how are demands to suspend programs like H1-B visas not being implemented if Nationalists are on the winning side of this thing.

Simply put: It’s because we’re not winning. The Globalists are. 

We had a glimmer of hope for a few hours when President Trump announced an Immigration Moratorium Executive Order via Twitter — all of which was completely undone once Trump became a puppet to enemies to the America First crowd, planted within his White House. 

Immigration moratorium EO? More like symbolic gesture BS. Rather than focusing on temporary foreign workers visas, which take good paying jobs away from Americans — you know, some 26 million of whom are unemployed at the moment — all Trump did was put a 60 day pause on new green cards… Something that was already de facto being done since the State Department has stopped processing visa applications due to virus hysteria weeks ago! As Michelle Malkin put it: “It’s all moratorium hat and no cattle

All this, despite the fact a whopping 79% of Americans are now in favour of a full halt to immigration!

That’s because Team Globalist is in control: They’re using the pandemic to bend the law and usher in an era of Anarcho-Tyranny in America, and across the globe. “Thanks to the Chinese Virus, you can be arrested for leaving your home or travelling for “non-essential purposes. Failure to “social distance” can mean jail-time as well. Yet the same politicians and judges who propose and enforce such measures have freed thousands of criminals from jails.” 

And as convicted criminals are released with nowhere to go, law abiding Americans wonder if and when they’ll ever be freed from house arrest. Not until there are “no new cases,” “no new deaths,” or a Gates-approved vaccine emerges, according to public health autocrat Anthony Fauci. And the tyranny isn’t just medical but technological as well.

Meantime, with the US only months away from the Presidential election, Americans are completely unsure of how procedurally they will cast their ballots, as primaries have already suspended in-person voting over the Chinese virus. 

How will Americans — now 1 in 10 of whom are unemployed — view their President come November? The Globalists have had his back against a wall this whole time: When he refused to shut down the economy, they blamed him for every death; now that he has responded aggressively, the economy is being thrust into a recession as his Presidency hangs on the decision of when to reopen America

So, what should Trump do?

What he was elected to do in the first place: Wave the flags of economic nationalism and immigration patriotism for the sake of America’s founding stock!  Stop throwing trillions at the pandemic (which will invariably end up in the pockets of Wall St) and let Main St get back to work before unemployment kills more of America the disease itself.

And for heaven’s sake: Use the 30-day window afforded in section 6 of his own EO, to expand the immigration moratorium to something meaningful. Include a suspension of additional guest worker visas and programs that undercut the American workforce, visas like the H-1B, H4, B1, and B2 to name a few. Ensure American Workers are first in line to return to work by bringing on a Second Phase EO concerning Guest Worker Visas!

The America First movement has been right throughout this pandemic, and 8 in 10 Americans now share their goal of an immigration moratorium. There could never be a more perfect time for implementing an immigration restrictionist agenda. Meantime, thinking more immigration will help America’s stratospheric unemployment levels is dumber than thinking people won’t riot when they haven’t any food, even as their immigrant over-class feeds on the carcass of what was once America the Beautiful. 

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  1. We lost our Due Process Rights, Freedoms and Traditions many years ago. Their hands are simply tied and so are ours. Until someone steps up there is nothing that can be done to fight this tyranny.
    Anyways I loved the video Faith.

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