Canadians Are About To Be Disarmed

My blood is BOILING!

Canadian polite society can take their ‘tin foil’ quips and shove them up their ass.

Once again, Canadian patriots are proven right: Nova Scotia is about to become Canada’s New Zealand…

Nova Scotia killer Gabriel Wortman used ILLEGAL firearms, but Chairman Justin Trudeau is going to use the massacre to inflict more gun control on law abiding citizens.

Did you catch that?

The PM is going to amend Parliament’s current restriction on introducing non-COVID related bills to expedite gun control measures on a people currently under an ever-expanded house arrest order.

But bleats of total tyranny in Canada are mere conspiracy, right?

To get a feel for what Trudeau’s puppeteers will push for, check out their insane gun control platform from the last election.

Highlights include:

  • ban on all “military-style assault rifles”, including the AR-15 with a buyback program for all “military-style assault rifles” (whatever the f*** that means) *legally* purchased in Canada;
  • working with provinces and territories to give municipalities the ability to further restrict or ban handguns (because the Jane and Finch ‘Crips’ are listening…); and
  • They also claim: Hunters and farmers do not need “assault weapons” (translation: black carbines some RCMP lab-rat got scared of while looking in a Bass Pro magazine. If necessity is the requirement for a liberty: Rosa Parks didn’t need to sit in the front of the bus!)

Notice something? All these measures only target law-abiding gun ownersNOT CRIMINALS, NOT MASS MURDERERS, NOT PEOPLE LIKE ILLEGAL FIREARM OWNER PSYCHO GABRIEL WORTMAN.

How much more are the Canadian people expected to bend over for the Almighty Liberal Party to inflict its vision of the Good (Gunless) Society before The People stand up and say ENOUGH?!

PS: Do we even know what types of (illegally acquired) guns this psycho used? Or are they not going to tell us, so they can just ban AR-15 pea shooters willy nilly? TYRANTS!

UPDATE: Looks like Trudeau’s government plans to bring in sweeping gun control through ORDER-IN-COUNCIL (cabinet decree) as opposed to legislation. TREASON!

83 thoughts on “Canadians Are About To Be Disarmed

  1. 25 years ago I bust my guts to leave the UK and become a Canadian.
    To get away from the B.S overcontrol that we are now getting force fed everyday here in Canada.
    I’m proud to call myself Canadian and thankful that I got to reach old age before all this crap started. Lived my life here happily but feel so sorry for the kids who will never know the freedoms we enjoyed.
    Brexit worked in the Uk, but it was a long and dirty fight, I see another long and dirty fight here, unless we just roll over and take it up the a…..
    I own guns and have always enjoyed owning them. I do obey all the laws and went through all the paperwork etc etc. I can live without guns, but I choose not to.
    Ive broken no laws and will break none. I , like 99.99% of us have done nothing wrong yet we are getting the punishment.
    Next thing you know we will all be driving 50 h.p cars…Nobody NEEDS a Mustang..
    Right ?

    Oh.. If the West does separate save a space for me eh 🙂

  2. The jackass running this country is the son of a communist named Fidel Castro !
    If jackass justin continues parroting what his criminal handlers feed him then i guess he is willing to be tried for treason. So keep blowing your commie friends you traitorous piece of garbage cause your days are numbered.

  3. Welcome to Nazi Canada…. definately time for Western Canada to separate if he tries this shit…. Trudeau and his para Nazi SS RCMP need to go…. they are dead set on making all law abiding firearms owners criminals… Same thing over again like Jean Chretiens defunct Gun Registry….. this is only the beginning where all rights are stripped and Canada becomes a Totalitarian Globalist Dictatorship…. This is Trudeaus plan. Sorry to my non political friends… but this is really important… we must never give up rights… even if they are ones you dont agree with… because once the citizens are disarmed…. the rights that you cherish will disappear soon afterwards….

  4. It is time that we stand up for our selves , and if required it is time for armed rebellion . We in the west have reached the brink , that eastern elected prick can do as he wants out east but not in the west, trushit is a commie and wants to disarm us so that the Chinese can invade without a problem

  5. So, let me review this, JT is going to use the dreadful Nova Scotia tragedy to further his gun-control measures.?
    Stepping on the fingers of the wrong people. The pressure should be put on those selling weapons (other than for use to obtain food), the gun control should be in the
    identification of every gun and should be up to date, and I mean up to date, not three months behind. Use of weapons for crime should be punishable with a massive fine and time in prison and re-education regarding the rules, oh and by the way, time in jail should be time in jail, not out for good behaviour or over crowding or any other reason. There will always be weapons sold on the black market, lets go after those, the sellers and the buyers.

  6. trudeau has tunnel vision if he honestly thinks taken guns away from law abiding citizens is going to stop crime he is more stupid than i thought especially when statistics show that it will do nothing for public safety criminals will always break the law whether there is a gun ban or not then what excuse will they use when the killing s continue instead of admitting that the criminal system sucks and is always in favour of the criminal not the victim its about time they got tough on these idiots put them in jail and throw away the key

  7. he stole the cops gun and magazines, but the cops will have to say that sooner or later. They’re making up a spin right now to cover their asses.

  8. My blood has been boiling over this for days now. What do we do? Should we hold a huge rally as gun owners? I have heard a rally with empty holsters on our hips. It is every law abiding gun owners responsibility to stand up and say no! I did not do anything to deserve paying for another mans crimes by draconian legislation by the communist liberals!!

  9. I’m just wondering why is it that there hasn’t been the’ no confidence’ vote.
    The Liberals are minority government and it seems to me that the opposition isn’t doing much at all except talking a lot.
    Having said that…WTF????

  10. A man that should be charged is charging us by taking our guns…This idiot does not deserve to be leader and I don’t think that is going to go over very well…It might, in my opinion, start a revolution or complete distrust with politicians. It could be dangerous to Canada when people start to revolt because of unfair policies

  11. Crisis bring change, and all those, like Trudeau, who want to gain power and control over society are rubbing their hands over the opportunity that C-19 provides. Therefore, the thinking public should be ever vigilant of the types of changes they propose and for how long.

    We haven’t that many civil liberties left, so don’t squander them carelessly.

    PS: Good to hear from you again, Goldie!

  12. Screw Canada. The majority of the sheeple out east want to be told what to do and when to do it. They are a lost cause and deserve whatever Justin and his UN masters throw at them. Time for Albert, Saskatchewan, & northern BC (the lower mainland can go fuck themselves while drinking their soy latte) to get out of confederation and forge our own path.

  13. Huge power grab by the liberal government, we all know that. This is not about anything but full control of the masses. This whole covid 19 lockdown was a test to see how Canadians would react, and everyone just fell into step, further fueling the liberals power grab

  14. So there telling me I have to give up my guns just because of these idiots that go on a rampage ?? That has nothing to do with us … and yes we are terribly sorry for what all happened to these people that killed .
    It’s not the guns that kill people …. it’s the person on the other end . There’s no way I’m giving up my guns . I’m a proud Canadian… I work everyday pay my taxes and I’ve never been into any trouble . My guns are my life … hunting and target shooting on my time . They need to figure where these idiots are getting there weapons and put a stop to that ?? Not make us innocent people give up our arms and rights

  15. He’s gone too far. He needs to quit rolling around on the porch with the puppies and get this country OPEN again. Highly disappointed with the elite Globalist, Soros puppets. KEEP THE BORDERS closed NOW! He is bored with us now & wants that UN seat bad. Joke

  16. It’s up to the people of Canada if they want to be sheep’s the wolves are going to eat

  17. It’s all about the United Nations’ civilian disarmament program. Trudeau is their bum boy……Just in time for the Muslim invasion also steered by the UN…..

  18. Saw a sad film once. The Police and the Army were the only folks with guns. It was called Schindlers List.

  19. EDIT:
    Sorry Curious as to how First Nations and law abiding citizens who require these “modern” rifles to hunt for food and for defense in our nation’s wilderness survive. In this sense, these long guns are tools for SURVIVAL. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people… oh and so do bears!

  20. Curious as to how First Nations and law abiding citizens who require these “modern” rifles to hunt for food and for defense in our nation’s wilderness. In this sense, these long guns are tools for survival. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people… oh and so do bears!

  21. In my view, if the systematically disarm every country, the people will have nothing left to fight with governments, when they come to take over.
    It’s been done in other countries. People don’t need gun control to curb crime!! It makes no sense..criminals don’t register their guns……

  22. I need my guns , willing to give them up with all nations, what do I do at the range

  23. I’ll help in anyway I can to bring this corrupted liberal party to justice for their actions against humanity

  24. Are thinking of turning in your guns? Please asks friends if they want them or know if other people who could use them first. Thanks.

  25. It’s in days like this I wish we were more like the Americans. They always stand strong against the government when it crosses the line. I’m tired of the gun control talk. Threatening to take away personal property from law abiding citizens. I’m sick of getting blamed as a gun owner for all the violence in this country. Are we going to ban baseball since most homicides include blunt objects such as bats? Are we going to ban cars for all the deaths caused by accidents? I believe most people are good. All shouldn’t be punished for the acts of a few. I’ve spent my life growing up around firearms and my family really enjoys the shooting spots. It’s an adrenaline rush at times. Sometimes a feeling of accomplishment and other times a challenge. The government has no right to take that from any of us. I’m tired of the lies being told, the biased polls and fudged numbers. Any polls that come out pro gun are viewed as a mistake, must be wrong. Like who are these writers at the newspapers? Just proves the point of fake news, and how biased and controlled the media is by Trudeau and his cronies.
    Leave us alone. Do your job and catch these criminals instead of releasing them from jail because of a virus? Are you kidding me. Do the crime so the time.
    I hope there is a pro gun rally at parliament soon. The largest in history. I will be there!

  26. By taking away legal, vetted responsible gun owners guns away you are convicting us all. This means that because you are a gun owner you must be a criminal and therefore have your guns confiscated. The amount of illegal guns in Canada is of no concern to Trudeau. Punish the good people of Canada not the criminals.

  27. With the ability to end all gun related homicides by limiting guns in the hands of law abiding citizens- they should also use this extraordinary power and thought process to outlaw the Covid 19 Virus and make it illegal in Canada. The thought process would be the same. To prove it, Vancouver B.C. many years ago declared themselves to be a nuclear free zone and look how well it worked! I must admit I find no good reason to own a semi automatic weapon, I don’t find a good reason why other law abiding citizens should not. It is a load of crap that reducing guns in the hands of law abiding citizens will reduce gun related crime. Better policing and handling will however. Look at Switzerland- more guns per capita than the USA.

  28. I spent 23 years manning the trenches because I believed that this country was worth fighting (and if necessary, dying) for. That belief was based on the fact that Canadians could openly express democracy and diplomacy. That was quite a few years ago. So what happened? I’m not sure either, but the deterioration of this country started to get real noticeable when the Muslim leader got voted in, undoubtedly with the younger generations vote, based on the fact that Trudope was going to legalize Marijuana. That fact of the matter is that it was going to become legal regardless of who won. Once in position, the goof started to show his true colors. He has proven repeatedly that he caters generously to other countries whims and pleas and concerns but snuffs at his own people on a regular basis. He is so embedded with China that I can’t help but wonder if he has his own hidden agenda there. Canada is slowing becoming a communist country. It’s real easy to see if you have been paying attention. This latest piece around gun control only helps validate my theory. Now I for one am totally fed up with the idiot … and his socks … and his outlook on various issues where he blatantly shows his ignorance on the topics and fumbles and changes course around concerning issues. In closing, he knows socks, he knows drama, he knows how to kiss other world leaders arses BUT what he doesn’t know is leadership. I wonder how many people have thought about putting him in the cross hairs?

  29. He can stuff that right his jolly perverted ass his idiot security member blare couldn’t take the guns away from the kids in Toronto, when he tried to take them away from adults he’ll never ACCOMPLISH that so trudeau has never ACCOMPLISHED anything so he’s going to find out he can’t do somethings to screw CANADIAN citizens.

  30. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have much less gun control and far lower rates of violent crime than Canada does. Guns in the hands of responsibile law abiding citizens are not the problem!

  31. You’ve hit the nail on the head. But as this is the time to stand up and tell Justin “NO!”, I very much doubt any citizen has the balls to do so – after all, then he’ll call you “unCanadian” and instruct his tame media to take up that cry.


  33. Absolutely right Faith!!!we need to take this country back but how do we do that.

  34. Liberals are disgraceful and disgusting.
    They haven’t a clue. They are the traitors to Canada and Canadians. Selling out the country to China,Islam and globalism.

  35. First and foremost I don’t even think he should be p.m. of Canada he was found guilty two to three times by the ethics commission and just seems he gets away with whatever he likes .like we have to lock down and he goes to visit his family in Quebec for Easter .He’s a joke he’s an embarrassment to our country to start with. And it’s just like that person that went into the Parliament buildings with that rifle that one time and what did the government do to change things they armed more people with guns in the parliament building to protect everyone. I guess we do not have that right here to protect our lives.Maybe he shouldn’t have anyone protecting his life !!!

  36. Our government is the only corrupt peice of shit in this country fucking traitors, liberal’s are the scum of the earth #TRUDEAUMUSTGO

  37. Only the criminals will be able to get guns. How will those of us who hunt get our food?

  38. Enough of this crap and Enough of Trudeau and his fasciast government.Enough of his socialist/communist agenda.I say NO to gun control.

  39. Totally unfair and unwarranted attack on the most vetted and proven responsible of Canadian citizens.
    Criminals and their illegal firearm suppliers need to be the target of any legislation to stop criminal activity! NOT law-abiding firearm owners!

  40. The government of Australia took all the guns away from the public and now the only people that have guns is the police and the criminals. This is what the liberal government has planned. Trudie’s plan for Canadians. Welcome to communist Canada. RCMP are as corrupt as the liberal government.

  41. Lots’a of things come to mind.

    BaH!!! Progressives=NeoMarxists=Socialists=Golbalists are the same at every level of government. They are systematically deconstructing the very fabric of
    every aspect this country. They will not stop until this country is completely transformed into a world which they control from birth to death. Look at the
    state that is Europe today, that’s us in +/- 10 years.

    Canada is a dictatorship in democratic clothing. Liberals are all about edicts & orders in council. There is no difference between Libs, Dippers, NeoCons
    and Greens.

    Low hanging fruit is always the preferred target of overreaching organizations of power and authority under the guise of public safety.

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer

    interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” – Carl Sagan

    Time to oil the steel, ears to the rails and eyes to the horizon, it’s time for the gray man.

  42. I think if someone wants to kill people they will find other ways to do it so it doesn’t make any sense taking guns away from law bidding citizens

  43. Hi Faith,

    We need to remind everyone of how effective non-compliance was in destroying the long gun registry. We can repeat that, except with our pistols. Our pistols are at the mercy of Mayors now.

    We need to take action. The time for words and debate is over.

    Non-compliance. “I sold them.” Spread the word.



  44. Criminals and laws …mmmmmm see it ..??? I do ..if you dont …you are not gona make it

  45. Could see this coming a mile away or do I have to say kilometres. Falsedeau is doing the best he can to keep us under his thumb. We must somehow put a STOP to this
    Come on Canada.

  46. There is a lot of blood on the RCMP’s hands in this Mass Murder. They did not do their due diligence in warning the general public! They have no issues using the Emergency Notification System when a disgruntled parent says their ex has kidnapped their child at 3am, why the hell wouldn’t they use it in this instance? They sent out a Tweet! WOW.

  47. The fact that there are no details being released is more proof that this madness is another push to control the people. To push something we need to be armed to stand against. The fact the montreal massacre wasn’t mentioned shows it wasn’t another staged feminist hoax.

  48. Omg,you truly are stupid..all the shootings are done with illegal weapons, which are EVERYWHERE…wow the stupidity is strong with you..good god there really is no smart liberals, just a whole lot of stupidity

  49. living in alberta dont see kenny doing anything bout it as with sheer told everyone i know vote ppc only chance we have for freedom

  50. Trudeau won’t be happy until he gathers up all law abiding citizens firearms.
    This approach is not the answer to the problem.
    He needs to hire more enforcement people at the border and in the thousand island area is where a lot of firearms enter Canada.
    It’s not the legal gun owners that are the problem!Justin the Turd is the problem in most of Canada.


  52. This is bullshit, legal gun owners should not be punished because one fucken guy goes off the rails! Or that the RCMP can’t stop hand guns coming into the country illegally!

  53. I heard that guy was not allowed to own guns so obviously it was through the black market

  54. This is just more liberal bullshit brought on by the actions of a CRIMINAL! These scumbags are targeting the legal gun owners for an illegal act. They’ll use any excuse to push their agenda and I’m sick and tired of how they attack law abiding citizens!

  55. Canadians who want to revolutionize Canada need to be organized. Research the pots n pans revolution of Iceland.

  56. Once again Trudeau and his ‘Harpies’ Wendy and Heidi will be going all out on legal Canadian gun owners property due to the acts of a madman . Justice Ministers Doug Lewis and Alan Rock already spent millions of tax dollars researching the obvious, “You can’t legislate against Insanity.’. That won’t stop Justin though, the definition of insanity is, ‘doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.’.

  57. While the majority of apathetic Canadians are watching Netflix or the Kardashians the TURDEAU government is attempting to subvert justice in Canada again. This attack is against law abiding gun owners (guardians of social order?). I thought this was a minority government. What ever happened to a “Vote of Non-Confidence” by the opposition?

  58. The real criminal here is the insane PM and his cronies … how Canada even allows them to still be in power is beyond me. He has no redeeming qualities that make him suitable or worthy of the position he holds

  59. Dear Justin (gag).. Answer this. Once you have completed you mission and taken the property of legal gun owners who are not a part of the problem, and ANOTHER mass shooting takes place, and gun violence in Toronto remains the same, or increases. Then what are you going to ban? Will you realize your mistake and give us back our firearms?? I highly doubt it.

  60. Why won’t the RCMP tell the public what types of fire arms were used and how they were acquired . It is rumoured that Gabriel failed a FAC application,if so the FAC worked . He also stole the gun from the RCMP member he murdered . How do you stop this action with more useless laws ?

  61. I will not abide by any gun control from the Trudeau liberals. I will accept my new criminal status and be exempt from it entirely. I do not see these Liberals as a government or authority. I see them as traitors and enemies of Canada.

  62. This liberal government is arrogant corrupt and will never survive another full term because of the inept handling of Every single crisis situation that it has faced since it has been in power due to the inept MPs that are in Parliament and the inept Prime Minister.The people of Canada are tied of putting up with the childish behaviour of Justin Trudeau.We thé taxpayers of Canada are your BOSS, AND YOU WORK FOR US.WE THE TAXPAYERS OF CANADA PAY YOUR WAGES AND DONT EVER FORGET THAT FACT.AND IF YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN TELL US WHAT WE CAN OWN OR BUY WITHOUT ANY FACTS TO BACK YOU UP WELL MAYBE YOU HAD GO TO AN IMPARTIAL PROFESSIONAL NOT FROM YOUR PARTY AND GET THEM TO DO A STUDY TO BACK UP YOUR FACTS.UNTIL THEN MAYBE THE TAXPAYERS OF CANADA SHOULD TAKE MONEY OUT OF OUR BANK ACCOUNT SINCE THE MONEY IS NOT YOUR MONEY MR JUSTIN TRUDEAU AND HIRE AN LAW FIRM TO FIGHT THE GOVERNMENT AND LAUNCH A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST YOU FOR SLANDER.

  63. We know at least one of the handguns used came from the murdered RCMP officer. The other may have come from the Saturday theft from an RCMP vehicle in Halifax. How many guns do the RCMP lose every year? Many!!!

  64. That’s why the PM can’t run Canada he can’t even figure out how ordinary law biding people follow the law and murders don’t worry about the gun laws we already have if they are going to rob or kill. Think about the thousands of people that have guns that follow the law. I can’t believe how stupid some people are.

  65. The license procedure that allows a law abiding Canadian to buy a firearm, has been made very stringent, for our safety.
    So, if wartman was licensed, what good did it do, and if he was not but still had guns, what good is the licensing procedure – a make work for the RCMP. Liberal gun laws have nothing to do with safety.

  66. Ironic that Black Face has the blood of over 2000 dead canadians because of open borders and maliciously ignoring intel ..Australia only 79 Dead

  67. You cannot legislate or force the human to perfection. Once again, when someone goes on a rampage as happened this past week, law and order will do their best to defend and protect the public. Canadian gun control has been developed to provide safe firearm ownership and usage. Can we say we have developed the same safe ownership and usage laws and regulation for our driving public? Perfection is not attainable. Political gain at the cost of losing rights and freedoms may be a more dangerous game. One only has to look at human rights policy in say, large communist countries, or dictator governments to see what you may not want.

  68. As long as there is a “Darknet” no gun laws of “ANY KIND” will prevent or restrict people from ILLEGALLY acquiring firearms, both legal or restricted. Their gun bans are “horse blinders” for calming the public sheep!

  69. At this time of the pandemic you would strip away the legal rights for Canada’s citizens. And then leave them vulnerable to home invasions which are going to start happening the longer we’re in lockdown. What you need to be concerned about are all of the illegal handguns in the possession of the gangs

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