Canada’s Bipartisan LOVE for Big Pharma Bucks & The Vaxx Agenda

There is a perfect storm brewing in Canada: On one hand you have a society of sheeple who want inoculation by force and on the other, you’ve got multiple levels of government in bed with the Big Pharma (Bill Gates) Vaxx Agenda.

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NEWSFLASH: 60% of Canadians believe people should be required to get a coronavirus vaccine once it is ready.

Perfect timing as a bipartisan consensus is forming across multiple levels of government: A coronavirus vaccine is good and should be mandatory

  • The Canadian Government has officially adopted significant portions of the WHO’s vaccine agenda
  • Parliament has approved increased funding for research and supply of more vaccines.
  • A Bill Gates funded group is using Liberal Party insiders to lobby the Canadian government to accept the Vaccine Agenda 
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims that “normalcy will not return without a vaccine that is widely available, and that could be a very long way off
  • At the federal level, the same committee members recommending that Canada undertake more research for pharmaceuticals (your $$$) are the same people being lobbied (Big Pharma $$$) by pharmaceutical companies
  • How did this happen? Through M-132: introduced by licensed pharmacist Liberal MP Raj Saini in 2017, the hearings were in the fall of 2018, and the recommendations were adopted in March 2019. Later that year, Event 201 would be held and the coronavirus PLANdemic would be unleashed… Likely a coincidence.

Is lobbying is playing a role in getting various Premiers to support the vaccination agenda as well? Certainly seems like it.

  • Alberta’s ‘conservative’ Premier Jason Kenney is on board with mass vaccinations
  • Wellington Advocacy and Counsel Public Affairs are two of the most prominent groups lobbying the Alberta Government, littered with ex-PMO staffers (from the Harper era, when Kenney was a Cabinet Minister) who are fan girls of Bill Gates
  • Ontario’s ‘conservative’ Premier Doug Ford is on board with the Vaxx Agenda (listen at 6:30)
    • Rabbit hole aside: Ford recently gave a shout out to Apotex during the corona plan-demic, a GTA based pharmaceutical company. Apotex had been heavily involved in attempting to lobby the Federal Government into passing favourable legislation regarding intellectual property. A complaint was filed due to the alleged questionable nature of the lobbying. Apotex Chairman and CEO Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were murdered shortly after the investigation began. There aren’t any Apotex lobbying reports after the December 2017 murder of the Shermans
  • Ford refuses to implement Pharma Transparency Bill 160, a law that would have forced drug manufacturers and consultants to disclose how much money they spend in order to push their drugs on the public at large.

To quote our friend at “With this so-called “coronavirus epidemic”, Ford seems very interested in pushing to have a vaccine developed. Could the influence-peddling of Big Pharma have something to do with that.”

Meantime, Canada’s Vaccine Strategy involves research in “overcoming vaccine hesitancy”… Translation: A WHO-directed Canadian Government plan of psychological manipulation and propaganda to have citizens “overcome” vaccine skepticism. Seems healthy.

Mandatory vaccinations or else: It’s Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam’s wet dream…

Speaking of ‘or else‘… Since all the anti-vaxx types hail from one racial group (Whites), we could just get rid of them and replace them with immigrants — the group most likely to accept vaccines! Problem solved.

Hey, before the mass vaccination of the population, y’all don’t mind if we test a couple more corona cases with CDC issued contaminated kits, do ya?

You starting to get the PLANdemic picture yet, or will it take a medical certificate forcibly implanted under your children’s skin to wake you up?

2 thoughts on “Canada’s Bipartisan LOVE for Big Pharma Bucks & The Vaxx Agenda

  1. I’m happy you’re writing about this stuff now. I’ve been down this rabbit hole for a few years since I had my first child in 2015. Great writing Faith. God Bless You!

  2. It’s interesting how they want us to believe everything made is made in China. Fentanyl wasn’t created in China but it’s China’s fault Fentanyl is killing all our citizens. If the Annual Flu Season on Canada and America during 2019 was actually Covid Fever without testing than The Wuhan Virus isn’t really from China either, same as everything else we made first. We all know who invented everything and we all know who massed produced all of our invention. My opinion is China is being forced into Controlling the World in order to save their entire Race that has been built up the Globalist for the past 50yrs by way of mass manufacturing. The North West Passage is now open for Business. Canada want’s to be the next Super Power. Russia, Canada and America equals the NWO Agenda.

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