Black Lies Don’t Count & White Lives Don’t Matter

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My latest for VDARE is on why the Ahmaud Arbery story ought to serve as a warning to a nation in demographic decline… 

Black Lies Don’t Count & White Lives Don’t Matter in America Anymore! 


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The Ahmaud Arbery story ought to serve as a warning to a nation in demographic declineBlack Lies don’t count and white lives don’t matter in America anymore. 

The District Attorney who originally investigated the case saw no grounds for arrest; yet, nearly three months later, both former police officer Gregory and son Travis McMichael have been arrested and charged with murder. Their home address has been doxed, ensuring that even if they are acquitted at the state level (something which will surely be appealed again and again), they will be unemployable  and unable to return to their old lives ever again. Not to mention the fact that the DOJ is now considering “Hate Crime” charges at the federal level against the white father and son who, they say, shot sinless “jogger” Amaud Arbery. 

How did we get here? A perfect storm of Black Lies—race hucksters teaming up with ethno-masochistic “Goodwhites”—and the new media norm that white lives don’t matter.

Black Lies Don’t Count

Never mind the low IQ LeBrons or Whoopis, consider Black Lives Matter co-founder and race-baiting kingpin Shaun King. It was King who leaked the viral “lynching” (as he put it) video after he was dissatisfied with the DA’s decision to let the McMichaels go. Millions of views later, the court of public opinion pressured Georgia law enforcement to arrest Gregory and Travis McMichael. 

A quick reminder of King’s best hits of hate hoaxes:

And King isn’t alone. He’s got heavy hitters in the big business of Black Lies in his corner, anti-white hate crime hoaxers like lawyer Lee Merritt (who helped King perpetrate at least half of the hoaxes listed here) and Merritt’s “mentor” Benjamin Crump, now on Ahmaud Arbery’s legal team. Translation: “King, Merritt, and Crump—three of the most prominent, anti-white hate crime hoaxers in America—are at the heart of the Ahmaud “Just A Jogger” narrative.” (If you haven’t already read Michelle Malkin’s takedown of Shaun Kingand his black lawyer buds, you ought to.)

As Jack Dalton put it, “Once again, we find ourselves in a Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown situation, where truth is no defense when a racial lynch mob gathers to condemn the purported white supremacist murder of an innocent black body;” wherein, virtue-signaling ”Goodwhites” (too many of whom hail from Team Conservatism Inc) only boost the anti-white mob.

And to what end? No amount of public displays of ethno-masochistic self-flagellation will ever be enough for these race hucksters! Plus, 10 times out of 10 it turns out the narratives they’re pushing are a hoax

White Lives Don’t Matter 

The restatement of the Narrative time and time again, despite provable Narrative Collapse, wouldn’t be so tiresome if the media at least pretended to give a damn about black-on-white crime—but they don’t. 

Here’s a dirty little secret you won’t hear about on CNN, Fox News, or even the increasingly Woke Drudge Report:   According to interracial crime statistics, black on white crime is going up! According to The National Crime Victimization Survey, black-on-white attacks accounted for 90 percent of interracial violent victimizations between blacks and whites last year, up five percentage points in recent years.

Why does the Main Stream Media spend 100 percent of their time laser focused on the 10 percent, but commit zero percent of their coverage to the 90 percent of interracial attacks? Answer: Because white lives don’t matter.

And don’t be fooled: When it comes to white joggers, their lives don’t matter either. Have you ever heard the names Wendy Martinez, Nathan Trapuzzano, Karina Vetrano, or Dave Stevens? Of course you haven’t. And you know the reason why. Black-on-white jogger murder doesn’t matter, even though a black person is 30 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. 

And the sickest part about the media’s disregard for white lives is that it extends to our children, too. While the entire nation fixates on the unicorn white-on-black homicide in Brunswick, no one dares point out what happened in the exact same city in 2013, when two black males murdered a 13 month old white baby in his stroller.

I could go on, but we’d be here all day—citing a litany of white lives snuffed too soon at the hands of black attackers—met with no news coverage, no public protests of outrage. 

So, where do we go from here? 

If you’re hoping for a Zimmerman-styled outcome for the McMichaels, I wouldn’t hold my breath. That verdict is over seven years old and the establishment won’t let it happen again—especially during an election year. America’s courts are more politicized than ever and if you don’t believe me, consider the differences in sentencingbetween Kate Steinle’s murderer (who got a piddly gun charge) vs. James Fields (serving a life sentence plus 419 years…). I’d expect neither justice nor mercy for Gregory and Travis McMichael. 

And all this spells a dangerous reality for America given the demographic replacement she now finds herself in. One needn’t look further than the Rainbow Nation of South Africa to ascertain what’s in stock for America’s dwindling founding stock. 

A growing coalition between: a hypocritical media, anti-white race hustlers, the useful idiots of a political Establishment who wish to secure the ballooning minority vote, a judicial system that has abandoned the rule of law… All converging over an increasingly blatant (and provably unmerited) demonization of White Americans, even as they find themselves quickly approaching minority status. And yet, White Americans are forbidden from forming their own advocacy groups, fundraising for their own ends, or merely explicitly describing the double standards which surround them. 

Of course death isn’t a proportionate penalty for trespassing or even robbery. But ask yourself: If Ahmaud Arbery had been successful in wrestling the shotgun away from Travis McMichael and killed him instead—would we even be talking about this story right now?

So here’s one thing we can do, and preferably before the DOJ and FBI pair up to turn the McMichael team into a political weapon which will invariably be used against him: Demand that President Trump bring back Table 42! 

The Bureau of Justice stopped publishing Table 42 in 2008 (shocker, I know!). Except it’s not shocking at all. Black people kill white people at a pretty fair clip and it never makes the news. It can’t. Because a great deal of people stand to profit from the demographic replacement and necessary demonization of Whitey. That’s why they have to bury and befog the data.  

It would just be nice if Trump, instead of playing into the hands of the anti-white mob, would take a stand against their hate hoaxes and admit:

Yes, America does have a  problem with interracial violence, But it’s black on white crime that’s the issue—not the other way around!

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  1. They must find these two white guys guilty and severely punish them or the predictable rioting and burning and looting will occur. The judicial system will cave in to the mob as they always do. One only need recall what happened after the Rodney King verdict. Forget about innocent until proven guilty. They’ve already been found guilty.

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