Rapists and Murders Freed, Roger Stone Condemned To Prison

Lady Justice’s blindfold is supposed to represent impartiality. However, in current year, Lady Justice is just straight up blind — to injustice.

Trump confidant and conservative icon Roger Stone has been denied a new trial owing to hag Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s willful ignorance of the original trial’s obviously tainted jury forewoman.

  • Jury forewoman Tomeka Hart wrote many anti-Trump social media posts
  • Hart wrote a Facebook post supporting the prosecutors who resigned after the Justice Department overruled their tougher sentencing recommendation for Stone
  • Hart works for the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation and is also a frequent campaign donor to Democrats
  • Judge Berman claims Stone failed to prove Hart lied on her jury questionnaire or that she violated the judges orders by continuing to post about the trial while it was in progress
    • To contextualize how absurd this is, scroll down for a taste of Hart’s totally impartial posts...
  • Stories about Stone are now being blocked on social media
  • Stone’s gag order has been lifted (yes, he’s back on Insta)
  • Stone can appeal over the next two weeks
  • Stone may be ordered to report to prison to serve his 40 months — at earliest, two weeks from now

Translation: As literal murderers and rapists are released from prison amid COVID19 concerns, the 70 year old Patron Saint of Double Breasted Suits will be condemned to 40 months behind bars.

It’s almost like the Deep State wants him dead or something…

How you can help:

  1. Visit FreeRogerStone.com and sign the petition to pardon Stone!
  2. Buy Milo’s book, The Trial of Roger Stone.

Milo has pledged royalties will go to the Roger Stone Defense Fund. You can buy the paperback and ebook on Amazon. Or visit stonetrial.com for other purchase options. I’ve read and reviewed Milo’s book. It’s brilliant. Buy it. Because Roger Stone did nothing wrong!

FYI here are just some of Impartial Sweetheart Tomeka Hart’s deranged posts:

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One thought on “Rapists and Murders Freed, Roger Stone Condemned To Prison

  1. Dear Faith: Sometimes we have to spell it out for folks. Covid 19 is the War on Drugs and Drug users as well as all vulnerable who depend on our entire Social Structure to support their lives as Canadians and American. This war was waged against us based on massive deficits by the Elite and their Trolls who we call Refugees and Immigrants that have educated themselves for free form our Social Structure of massive debt. We know budgets cannot balance themselves. Justin Trudeau is a French Separatist. He sides with the Muslim Faith. This entire War is European Mastermind Thinking. They pumped in the exotic drugs while deeming pot and booze as gateway drugs. Anything we say is claimed Racist. Natural Born Canadians are not Racist. This is what a liberal Ruse is. It’s claimed as one thing while it’s really something else. Covid 19 was developed in our own country under the guise of Free Flu Shots. Conspiracy? Who cares? Stop thinking that way. Nothing is free. Population control is now in effect. We are the victims. We must come together for the greater good. They will destroy our West. Same as they did in Europe. Europe has come for us. God Bless!!!!

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