Anarcho-Tyranny: What Comes After Coronavirus

Today, I woke up in a town with military vehicles on our streets. I left the house in latex gloves and an n95 mask to stand in a literal breadline. When I got home, I spent over an hour disinfecting my groceries, and got a message from my best friend that her grandma died, which was followed by a call informing me that a family member of mine had been moved from his nursing home into hospital — all this because of the Chinese Virus. 

With mandatory quarantine blanketing the majority of the globe, people everywhere are wondering: Are things ever going to go back to normal? The consensus seems to be: Probably not, at least not any time soon. 

Top scientists say ‘normal life won’t resume until 2021’,  politicians keep extending their quarantine timelines, and commentators predict WuFlu will usher in an entirely new post-coronavirus world order. So, what will the *new* new world order look like? 

There seem to be two competing desires in that department as COVID-19 has brought about an international, inter-sector, showdown between Globalism and Nationalism. 

On one side you have the World Health Organization, the United Nations, Bill and Melinda Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma, and the vast majority of internationalist-minded leaders and commentators continuing to run protective lip service for their precious open borders and free markets worldview. 

On the other side, you’ve got guys like Trump, Putin, and the central Shengen leaders, as well as commentators on the dissident right screaming, “We told you so! Draw the bridges, build those walls, and grow business on our own soil!” 

So, if life as we knew it isn’t to return, which system will replace the last world order? 

Will Team Globalist emerge with the most absolute and relative gains? Is coronavirus the spark to a revolution of sorts, ushering us nearer to the next chapter of globalism? 

Or will Team Nationalist take the win owing to how many redpills Joe Sixpack was able to consume while in quarantine? 


To be sure, were Reason alone our predictor, Team Nationalist would have this in the bag. 

Coronavirus is a story all about borders. At the root of this pandemic is a tale about the evils of diversity, globalism, immigration, open borders, and the fragility of economic interconnectivity.

As New World Order henchman Henry Kissinger argues the top priority in the post-coronavirus system must be the “safeguarding of the liberal world order” to “sustain [our] Enlightenment values.” 

But the truth of the matter is: That world order should be torn down. Our Enlightenment values of universalism, liberalism, and cosmopolitanism are precisely what got us into this mess. 

Meantime, immigration patriots have been proven right at every turn of this crisis. Let’s count the ways Team Nationalist has been correct throughout this pandemic: 

Concern for your homeland above other nations doesn’t make you a racist. 

Governments and scientists worldwide *thought* of isolating people coming from China out of the gates, but “it became seen as racist” — killing thousands. 

In Lombardy, the Italian region worst hit by the crisis, the Governor was “accused of being a racist in February when he suggested that travellers coming from China should be tested for the coronavirus.”

“It came from China. But you’re a racist for saying that!”

As Paul Kersey writes at, “The power of calling someone a “racist who dares engage in public displays of pattern recognition is on life support during the Coronavirus crisis.” 

Were more politicians inclined to put their own backyards first, as opposed to genuflecting to foreign cultures to avoid being called racist, there’s no telling how many lives would have been spared. 

Race is real. 

No, human differences are not social constructs; rather, it is only with an honest consideration of race and ethnicity, the foundation of human grouping, that human differences can be explained and their consequences understood. 

Are some ethnic groups more susceptible to COVID-19? It’s a question the scientific community is evaluating as they study “why certain individuals and racial groups are more prone to the infection and may suffer more severe symptoms.” 

Susceptibility to COVID 19 has been found to be associated with a high expression of the ACE2 receptor gene in the lungs,” while “a recent study found that HEALTHY Africans are considerably lower than East Asians in the expression of ACE2 receptors,” which could account for the Dark Continent’s position as a WuFlu “cold spot” (nvm their obese, unheathy cousins in America)… Not to mention African genetic propensity to absorb Vitamin C (something found to be negatively associated with susceptibility to the coronavirus).

VDARE’s Lance Welton writes, “We are getting perilously close to being allowed to discuss race and ethnic differences in susceptibility to COVID-19 — ironically in part because leading Democrats are sniffing for racism.”

This, after authorities scandalously wouldn’t release racial differences data — not until their coordinated narrative control found a way to blame Whitey, of course. 

“If COVID 19 is not an Equal Opportunity disease, that means our race-denying Ruling Class is frightening most people too much — and not warning some people enough. This will not merely cause unnecessary chaos — it will cost lives.” Imagine that… The coronavirus pandemic: A preventable disease caused by political correctness. 

Demography is destiny. 

Did you ever wonder why certain geographies like Northern Italy and New York have been among the hardest hit by COVID? Simple: Demographics. 

Owners of leather goods and textile companies in Northern Italy sold out to China long ago. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese from Wuhan to move to Italy to work in these factories — with direct flights in and out of Wuhan during the Chinese New Year and at the height of Wuhan’s crisis. Result: Northern Italy is Europe’s hotspot for the WuFlu. 

As for New York? Turns out not all zip codes are created equal in case of the KungFlu. While cases remain lowest in Lower Manhattan, which tends to be populated by affluent young Wall street types, fashionistas, and the like — the zip code nearest to LaGuardia and Manhattan’s two Chinatown zip codes are among those neighbourhoods getting hit hardest. 

As VDARE’s Ann Coulter astutely points out,While it’s true that “viruses don’t have nationalities!” — and thank you very much for pointing that out, media! – the carriers of viruses do have nationalities.” 

Finally, Globalism is a deeply flawed system

Now, there are a hundred arguments The Nationalist can make on this point as it relates to the Chinese virus but I’ll try to be as concise as possible… Open borders: Bad. Multilateral international institutions: Very bad. Economic dependency: Very, very bad. 

Today, borders everywhere are being strengthened as nations compete ferociously for N95 masks and ventilators, as the West wakes up to the reality that our new crisis is a shortage of medical equipment. 

Damn shame we shipped all our manufacturing to China, only to have them disrupt the sacred “global supply chain” — stockpiling masks and ventilators amid ominous warnings from the Chinese government that if they stopped exporting drugs, “the United States would sink into the hell of a novel coronavirus epidemic.” And they’re right. “China makes more than 90% of America’s antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen and hydrocortisone, 70% of acetaminophen, and 40% to 45% of heparin.  

The last American penicillin plant closed more than 15 years ago. For decades, people like Trump’s trade director Peter Navarro have warned us that something like this would happen someday. But we were condescendingly told, This is capital seeking the most efficient market! And, anyway, if China screws with us, we’ll just make it ourselves. Really? With broken-down buildings, a dispossessed workforce and no machinery? Unfashionable working-class people in the industrial Midwest were discarded long ago…” Discarded along with Trump’s executive order, apparently requiring the federal government to buy American made pharmaceuticals. Clearly offending the sensibilities of Big Pharma lobbyists and the WTO was more unbearable than the ChiComs threatening to turn off the medical taps for America’s most sick and vulnerable. 

Further to the point about our globalist alphabet soup overlords: Can we take a moment to discuss the institutional face of this epidemic: World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom? Tedros isn’t even a doctor! Tedros is an Ethiopian politician and supposed “academic” who was not elected by any of us, and unaccountable to any of us. 

It’s no wonder the guy has spent most of his time in the spotlight feeding us fake news and picking fights with Team Nationalist once you consider the guy’s resume. He’s the first person without a medical degree to hold his position. His credentials? 

He’s a black communist who held high positions in Ethiopian office while that administration was firing on its own citizens, and he’s an ally of Xi Jinping’s China after they helped get him his cushy WHO gig. Why is any media org or political administration taking seriously the opinions of an unelected, unaccountable communist without a medical degree when a supposed global pandemic is at hand?And why have we handed over control of YouTube to the WHO, forcing talking points as opposed to actual science down our throats at the bottom of every corona-related video? Cos globalism, and that’s the only reason why. 


And sure, Joe Sixpack IS getting redpilled about the fact Team Nationalist was right all along while he’s in his sequestered state — I mean, it was common sense to suspend flights, close the borders, and to make and keep supplies at home as soon as the KungFlu started making headlines. But do more ‘woke’ citizens mean a ‘w’ for Team Nationalism or are we simply being corralled into the next phase of globalism, despite rising consciousness about that system’s flaws? Many dissidents on the right are optimistic; however, I share John Derbyshire’s doubts.  

Even under pressure of the current crisis and the realization that open borders and free markets have failed us, “[The American] government is still cheerfully bringing in tens of thousands of guest workers from abroad, even as the numbers of unemployed Americans rises through the stratosphere.” 

When pressed about the move, President Trump during a press conference literally said that without foreign guest workers coming in to do agricultural work (quote), “We’re not going to have farms.”  Someone should remind the President that H-2A foreign visa workers make up only about 10% of the US crop farm workforce. 

And with exponential American joblessness, how are demands to suspend programs like H1-B visas not being implemented if Nationalists are on the winning side of this thing.

Simply put: It’s because we’re not winning. The Globalists are. 

They’re using the pandemic to bend the law and usher in an era of Anarcho-Tyranny in America, and across the globe. “Thanks to the Chinese Virus, you can be arrested for leaving your home or travelling for “non-essential purposes. Failure to “social distance” can mean jail-time as well. Yet the same politicians and judges who propose and enforce such measures have freed thousands of criminals from jails in case they contract the Asian pathogen.” 

Meantime, reports that Deep State saboteurs in ICE SVU are executing a mass jailbreak for illegal aliens in custody, as “more than 160 have already been released by ICE in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus in detention facilities.” 

And as convicted criminals are released with nowhere to go, law abiding Americans wonder if and when they’ll ever be freed from house arrest. Under a recently expanded stay-at-home order herself, VDARE’s Michelle Malkin says, “America’s ‘social distancing’ campaign has gone both too far and not far enough. The restrictions and guidelines are arbitrary, irrational and unevenly applied. While children’s swings and slides are now crime scenes […] weed and booze stores are considered “essential.” Mandatory mass isolation is an efficient way to instill hysteria and disrupt lives […] How long must we carry on the charade?”

Well, according to public health autocrat Anthony Fauci, Americans must continue living like this until there are “no new cases” and “no new deaths” — and until a vaccine (which his control-freak pal Bill Gates is working overtime to foist on the world) is in place.

Seriously? A zero cases, zero deaths standard is INSANE and has never been applied to any pandemic in the past. So, is Team Globalist grooming Joe Sixpack for permanent quarantine?

— Conditional, of course, on our acceptance of mandatory vaccinations… And heck, maybe a medical certificate implant as #NotMyPresident Bill Gates is championing, even as his buddy Fauci says all that’s not a bad idea!

And the tyranny isn’t just medical but technological as well. 

Google is releasing your location data — to the government and public — so to monitor whether or not you’re following ‘social distancing rules’. 

Meantime across the pond, Germany is developing a so-called coronavirus tracking app, rapidly expanding surveillance control, and calling for an EU-wide system that does likewise. 

Drones are being used in parts of the United Kingdom to enforce social distancing.

Authorities throughout the wider United Kingdom, France, Spain, and other locales are using flying quadcopters and other unmanned aerial vehicles to enforce lockdown orders.

Canadian police have begun visiting homes to enforce the government’s quarantine, warning that failure to comply could result in a $1-million fine and three years in prison.  

Not to be outdone, the United Nations has used the crisis to solicit 10% of the entire planet’s annual income in a fund for the coronavirus response. 

Meantime, back in the US only months away from the Presidential election, Americans are completely unsure of how — procedurally — they will cast their ballots, as primaries have already suspended in-person voting over the Chinese virus. 

What is happening in the world around us is not a narrative or reality controlled by Nationalists. The reigns appear to be completely in the hands of the globalists — the Anarcho-Tyrants to be precise. 

Anarcho-Tyranny, as the late Sam Francis put it: “The bizarre system of misrule [wherein] we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).”  

It’s the precise system the West already, at least in part, found herself in owing to her decision to welcome millions and millions of migrants over the last several decades. Anarcho-tyranny is where multiculturalism inevitably leads a society, which cannot exist, “Unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere and the less of it there is within, the more of it there must be without,” as wrote the great eighteenth century conservative Edmund Burke. 

Restraint comes from within when a population shares cultural and moral values; when they don’t external force has to provide the restraints […] Unwilling to control immigration and the cultural disintegration it causes, the authorities instead control the law-abiding.”

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t put America — or the West more broadly — on a different course. It has only pressed the fast forward button. It has only accelerated the achievements of the Anarcho-Tyrants and assisted our movement into the next chapter of globalism. 

Understandably, this might be a tough pill to swallow, but ask yourself: Do you think America will ever be the same? Are the ends of we Nationalists — things like freedom of association — closer or further away, as we move toward this *new* new world order? 

And how will Americans — now 1 in 10 of whom are unemployed — view their President come November?

The Globalists have had his back against a wall this whole time: When he refused to shut down the economy, they blamed him for every death; now that he has responded aggressively, the economy is being thrust into a recession as his Presidency hangs on the decision of when to reopen America. 

So, what should he do? What he was elected to do in the first place: Wave the flag of economic nationalism and immigration patriotism for the sake of America’s founding stock. 

Stop throwing trillions at the pandemic (which will invariably end up in the pockets of Wall St) and let Main St get back to work before unemployment kills more of America the disease itself. 

And on a final note: As the President elected to put America First, it’s time Trump sets the record straight. 

This virus did not come from America or originate in Europe, as the NYT would have us believe. 

It started in Wuhan, China — a city home to a P4 biosafety lab, in a nation known to be studying cross-species coronavirus contamination. 

Even if one believes COVID 19 came about organically from patient zero eating a bat… At a fish market… 

Serious question: Why was China developing a highly contagious, synthetic coronavirus that can infect humans? And why is China’s Communist Party shutting down every investigation surrounding the virus origin? Why did it take over six weeks for the CCP to warn the world about what had been unleashed on their soil? 

Rather than Trump taking a lick of blame, it’s time he name the ChiComs, rebrand this the CCP Virus, institute an immigration moratorium until the economy recovers, & pay the moving costs for every  American company to come home from CHI-NA! 

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  1. Covid 19 could have very easily been mistaken as the Flu during our 2019 Flu season as we don’t test in Canada for the Flu Virus ever. We develop symptoms equal to the Covid 19 virus and when we pay our Dr’s 20 bucks we get a few paid sick day off work. Calling is Wuflu is Racist as we all know Chinese is a Race. Having wrote that White is also a Race. Muslim is as Christian a religion not a Race.

  2. I”ll wager that in one year, Canada will be unrecognizable and federal elections will be on hold…….for a long time…….

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